Pacers Assistant Coach Hates the Sixers

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Burke is a long-time assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers, joining the team back in 1997 after working as a scout and video coordinator for the Portland Trail Blazers.

He also hates the 76ers, which was revealed in a recent interview that was filmed on Sunday or Monday following Philadelphia’s chippy and coarse 119-116 win over Indy.

Said Burke:

“I hate that team. I really wanted to win that game. I think Embiid gets away with a bunch of crap the league ignores.”

Not sure about you, but I appreciate the honesty. There’s always a lot of drama in the NBA, but coaches should be in on it more. Wouldn’t mind seeing assistants talk shit regularly, helps get us through the early part of the 82-game slog.

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5 Responses

  1. Was this the same game where Embiid had five personal fouls including a questionable flagrant? Really getting away with murder there.

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