RADIO WARS: The Fall Ratings

The RADIO WARS quieted down in 2019. The outrageous public brawls that used to take place during the Josh Innes and Andy Bloom era have subsided, though the competition remains. It’s more of a Radio “skirmish” these days, a Radio “cold war” if you will.

Crossing Broad obtained the fall ratings book, which includes 97.5 the Fanatic and 94 WIP’s over the air numbers. It also has 97.5’s streaming numbers, but the WIP stream is not tracked by Nielsen. They certainly do have a streaming audience, which is tracked internally instead.

As such, the streaming data is a missing piece, though I’ll touch on 97.5’s numbers and you can take them for what it’s worth. I’m sure WIP has a very reasonable chunk of people listening via and the app. Over the years, 97.5 has typically skewed younger, and has always been presumed to have the larger streaming audience, but it’s impossible to truly know without the full data set.

This quarter, Mike Missanelli regained the top spot in his time slot. And while WIP continues to win across the board, a solo Anthony Gargano made some headway during middays.

We can’t use exact data because it’s proprietary to Nielsen, but we’ll be as descriptive as possible.

All data is from the important men 25 to 54 demographic. And the fall book runs unofficially from October to December with the quirks of holiday scheduling making for some footnotes and asterisks here and there.

Mornings, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Angelo Cataldi continues his morning dominance with a comfortable win over Marc Farzetta and company. He’s second place in the market behind only Preston and Steve on 93.3. WMMR. He recently signed a new multi-year deal to remain with WIP for the foreseeable future.

Cataldi beat his protege by more than five full ratings points and nearly doubled the 97.5 number with 80% more listeners.

Middays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie were first place in their time slot amid turnover at 97.5, with Jason Myrtetus being removed in October. The Fanatic came in fourth overall, pulling about 75% of the WIP audience with a 13% boost on the stream.

However, Anthony Gargano found solo success in this time slot, growing his audience after Myrtetus departed and landing significant numbers during two weeks in November– numbers that put him in front of WIP by just a hair. We’ll see if The Cuz can continue to ride that momentum into 2020.

(Both stations later saw a drop in midday ratings when Christmas music began to dominate closer to the holiday.)

Afternoons, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Mike Missanelli reclaimed his #1 spot after being dethroned by Jon Marks and Ike Reese in previous books. Mike finished about 1.7 points higher than his former producer in the most hotly-contested time slot in recent months. Mike also has his simulcast airing on NBC Sports Philadelphia, for which I have no ratings. His lead is likely even larger with his significant streaming audience.

All Day

From 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, WIP wins overall, defeating WMMR by a 0.1 ratings share margin. The Fanatic was 10% behind those stations during that time period, good for third overall.


The Fall book is important because it takes place during the competitive portion of the Eagles season and is generally used to set advertising rates for the following year. Radio rates are determined by your over-the-air numbers, while digital advertisers buy what we call “impressions,” which is a measurement of how many times an ad or form of digital media runs. This is real data that is much more accurate and more easily tracked than determining a percentage of market share via PPMs. Alas, radio stations still live and die by these ratings estimates, and this fall, Angelo Cataldi and Mike Missanelli were kings.

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32 Responses

  1. Anything on mike Missanelli offering to fight people in their twitter DM’s??

    1. Mike is the ultimate Twitter tough guy. A little bitch who insults half his audience, challenges anyone who disagrees with him, and then blocks them. He’s such a total p***y.

  2. The radio wars “quieted down” bc you goofs inexplicably stopped posting about them. Good thing that in their absence we had plenty of irrelevant (not “irreverent”) “articles” about best rock music of the decade, BBQ cookouts, and ofc Kylie’s self-congratulatory post a few months ago about how the site gets virtually the same amount of traffic when blocking comments – honest! That said, this made my day to see the radio wars post. Happy New year, Kinkster.

  3. How far under the thumb of Mikey Meatball is this website that there has been ZERO coverage of Pizza Box Mike threatening folks via twitter DM?

    1. Mike miss is such a pussy. He acts like such a tough guy. I’d love to drop his dumb hair dyed helmet with one punch. What a dildo

        1. He is totally a bitch. I remember when he broke down and cried when his boyfriend Steve fredericks kicked it. It’s no wonder his wife dumped his loser ass. Although rumor on the street was that she was more than “just friends” with Steve Fredericks as well. How many jobs does one person have to get fired from before he realizes he should just off himself. And he sounds like the little whiny bitch that he is when he goes on his sissy talking points. We know you read this little mikey. Too bad tough guy, go by some more hair dye you limp qu33r.

  4. No year in review


    This was the worst year in philly sports in a while all 4 teams have unbelievable foundations with minor tweaks needed

    3 teams needed new coaches 2 of them did that sixers still have too
    Other needed to clear out the for injuries

    Having to have bck and forth with these fans who suppossedly know football was exhausting..fro carson blowing to Doug’s coaching..all wrong

    All problems on this team minus injuries are all Howie’s fault but wat do I know I’m only 36 the old heads will tell u they go back to the 70s..ok cool..

    One guys defenceman to me was that donovan didnt win because the divisional coaching was so good I’ll wait

    Just like I do on big res and nick Foles to prove u kno anything

    1. The grammar and stuff blows so does auto correct points are valid just written in a stopper I’ll fix tomorrow

  5. Isn’t it funny that more than half of the entire Delaware Valley radio audience is tuned in to Howard 100 or Howard 101….

    1. Just sucks Howard turned into the guy he used to make fun of.

      Love hearing about his cats, trophy wife and plant diet.
      Tell us more about his Hollywood friends. Didn’t he used to hate those people.

      The wack pack and phony phone calls is the only thing entertaining about this sellout.

      His book is the most boring read in history. Let’s read stuff we have heard several times.

      Hit em with the Hein and make the show funny again.

      1. Forgot one:

        For the love of god stop whining about your awful childhood and how it forced you into psychotherapy.

        You are 65. Move on. The troubled “genius” act is old.

      2. Yes he really is brutal. I stopped listening after he go divorced. No one cares about what fancy bar he went too and who he hung out with last weekend. Go on YouTube and listen to some of the shows from the 90’s and compare them to today and it’s like a completely different person (for the worse). The show really started tanking when Jackie left too

  6. He’s the only guy that sticks to sports and doesn’t wear thin on your nerves. Everyone else got some bs with them that you can only take so much of.
    Mikey Miss is alright but his liberal act is nauseating, along with the two clowns he saddled up with.

    1. Rob Ellis along with Eytan, Jason Myrt, and Harry Mayes do not get ratings. They are competent cohosts, fill in, and weekend guys.

  7. I have no doubt that many use it which would bolster WIP’s numbers. When the producers bookmark properly you can listen to any show and any specific segment in the last 24 hours. The King on Saturday morning won’t allow his show to be used on Rewind because he sells his podcast. It’s podcast fairly quickly after the show is over so you can listen to it when you want. I just find it funny that the King has to be the one person at the station that won’t cooperate. Angelo for years wouldn’t let his entire show be podcast and now you can listen to the morning show when you want. Segments of the morning show were always available but never the entire show show.

    I am not surprised the Cuz is making inroads against Joe and John. Much of Joe’s show is now an obsession with 70’s and 80’s sitcoms. He has become full of himself. He is very knowledgeable about sports but I don’t care about Different Strokes or Designing Women.

    Mike overtaking Ike and Jon is a bit of a surprise. Mike has pretty good takes on the Sixers and this has helped. The people who do listen want to hear what he has to say about the team.

  8. I stopped listening to 97.5 the day they fired Jason Myrtetus. It was bad enough when they got rid of Eytan and Harry Mayes. Station get rid of good on air personalities. 94.1 WIP is my station.

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