We Ate 18 Million Buckets of Crab Fries at the Wells Fargo Center

The decade is coming to an end shortly, if you can believe it.

As such, the Wells Fargo Center folks shared some data about the past 10 years via press release, plus an infographic that exposes us for the gluttonous and insatiable sports and entertainment fans that we are.

Via release:

Since 2009, Wells Fargo Center has sold nearly 6.3 million tickets to over 600 non-sporting events including concerts, WWE events, and family shows like Disney on Ice, the Original Harlem Globetrotters and Marvel Universe Live!.


Over the past 10 years, guests at Wells Fargo Center have worked up quite the appetite. As a matter of fact, in the last decade, Philly fans coming through the arena have helped to consume over 18 million buckets of crab fries and much, much more.

18 million buckets? That’s a lot of sodium, though it’s definitely worth it:

That’s a lot of crab fries. If we eat any more crab fries, we might turn into crab fries.

The Wells Fargo Center people say the arena hosts more than 250 events every year, which brings in more than 2.6 million fans. Going back a full decade then, that’s about 2,500 events and 26 million people. Crazy.

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20 Responses

  1. That people still patronize Chickie’s and Pete’s, knowing good and well how that lowlife was extorting tips from his own employees.

  2. I always order fries wherever I go with no salt or seasoning on them. All salt does is give you hypertension and forces your body to retain water. There is plenty of sodium that appears naturally in food.

  3. “That’s a lot of crab fries. If we eat any more crab fries, we might turn into crab fries.”

    – Undeniable proof that Kev is sub-contracting articles out to stay-at-home mothers.

  4. kyle blew his chances, had a few waves but was afraid to ride em, mikey miss offer to go on live, now bar stool jordie taking pot shots at hime and no response? weak leadership…why are you afraid of this kevin? why keep deleting this message? people already know the truth i’m not telling anybody anything they don’t know

      1. clearly this is kev writing, he either deletes posts or writes under another name….kev ppl paid for this site, if your answer is simply “then don’t click” that is just another weak response, your whole job is commenting on sports and radio hosts, you expect your readers not to comment on the site? that is like the eagles telling you stop watching if they don’t like your opinion. I believe kyle lost opportunities to take this site to the next level. if that is troubling to you than obv you don’t wish to see your employer or career flourish….to me that makes a weird dude, kinda like a dude that doesn’t mind his wife with another man lol jordie cucked kyle big time

  5. It’s amazing how this place has gained cult status in this area. Average food, terrible crabs, dirty and worn brick and mortar, and average service. The only thing that makes sense is that the Cuz is a huge supporter. The should call it Cuz’s and Pete’s. That would be a game changer.

    1. Same thing with Del Friscos. Those fools on the morning show on WIP slobber all over that place, despite it’s multiple and documentable health code violations. The “woman” on that show is such a sellout it’s not even funny. First she does ads for how great her lexus is. Then she does ads for triple A and says how she feels so secure on her rides to the Borgata knowing that she has AAA behind her. Sorry but 1.) Shouldn’t your lexus be reliable enough to get you to AC and back and 2.) Doesn’t your lexus come with roadside assistance?

  6. The concert reporting website Pollstar released its 2019 year end stats for music tours and the Wells Fargo Center was the 12th ranked arena worldwide for tickets sold (just shy of 775,000) and gross revenue (just under 66 million). MSG in NY was in first and it wasn’t even close (1.66 million tickets sold, a little north of 201 million in revenue). BB&T over in Camden took number 5 worldwide for amphitheater volume (309K tickets sold, 16 million in gross revenue).

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