“We’ve Got to Win a Football Game,” Says Jerry Jones

The Cowboys lost to the Bears last night, falling to 6-7 on the season but remaining in first place in the NFC East.

It’s pretty bad, the division, which is going to come down to the Dallas/Philly game at Lincoln Financial Field in a few weeks. That’s where we’re headed, unless the Eagles continue to stink up the joint and lose to New York and Washington before we even reach December 22nd.

But how ’bout them Cowboys, yeah? They started 3-0 and are 3-7 since, this time getting cooked by Mitch Trubisky for 244 yards and three touchdowns, plus 10 carries for 63 yards and a score.

Surely, Jason Garrett will be gone after the season, but Jerry Jones continues to kick that can down the road, saying this after the game (via ESPN):

“I’m not trying to be funny here, but the point is we’ve got to win a football game,” Jones said. “I don’t care what the standings are, what the numbers are. We had thought that we could come up here and play a good team, play a fine football game and get our act to where we’re starting to look like a team that could — if we, by the slim chance, get in the playoffs — where we could win. We can’t do that until we play and start winning the football games, and we’ve got three more to play. When we do that, we can go.”

It’s true. The Cowboys do have to win a football game.

As it stands, the division now looks like this:

That’s the graphic representation. As for the actual standings:

  1. Dallas (6-7)
  2. Philly (5-7)
  3. Warshington (3-9)
  4. New York (2-10)

Even if the Birds win on Monday night, Dallas remains in first place by virtue of their earlier victory over Philly. Mostly every scenario comes down to the December 22nd game, though there’s no guarantee the Eagles handle their business outside of that matchup. There’s also an outside chance Washington gets into the playoffs at 7-9, which would be amazing, but unlikely, since they play in Green Bay this weekend.

Fun times in the NFC East.

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6 Responses

  1. Such a great start to Cuz Radio!
    Can’t wait to hear what Cuz Nation has to say about the Eagles playoff run!!!!

  2. The eagles can still make the playoffs and once you get in, you never know what will happen!!! The birds can easily beat SF, NO, SEA, GB or Minnesota. And in the afc, NE, KC or Baltimore? Forget about it! Eagles super bowl 54 CHAMPS!!!!

  3. Honest question… Didn’t Dallas beat the doors off the Eagles earlier this season? To prove the NFL is rigged, mark it now. The Giants will win the NFC East as Eli Mannings swan song.

  4. The 8-8 Eagles are going to host the 13 win San Francisco 49ers who will have to travel across the country and play, no doubt on a frigid and rainy night, and get bounced in a sloppy 13-10 game. And the Eagles will go to Seattle with DeSean Jaccson and lose and we’ll hear all offseason how great this team was, how they stood together through diversity and upset the 49ers and how if Jaccson wasn’t rusty they’d have made it to the NFC Championship. Maybe, Bud Light will buy the Eagles a statue/Ad of Carson Wentz handing the ball off in the rain that the Eagles can put in front of their stadium next year.

    And, oh man, I can’t wait for the chest thumping from Lane Johnson and to hear Wentz in his postgame patting himself on the back saying he was always confident in his ability to turn it around and get the team on track after they beat the 2 win Giants and their semi-retired old man QB at home Monday night.

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