Andy Reid Had Donovan McNabb Speak to the Chiefs Ahead of the Super Bowl

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Via Pro Football Talk:

Chiefs coach Andy Reid brought in a special guest to speak to his team at today’s practice: Donovan McNabb.

McNabb, who quarterbacked the Eagles in Reid’s only previous Super Bowl appearance, was at the Chiefs’ practice today and spoke to the team before practice.

“He’s been there and done it,” Reid told pool reporter Dan Pompei. “He’s been in the league, played a long time. It was good hearing from him.”

I’m sure it was a very inspirational speech.

Pat Mahomes will enter the stadium on Sunday playing the air guitar, and then will proceed to barf everywhere.


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  1. Or, he’ll throw 3 touchdowns and for 375 yards…and not throw up since McNabb never threw up in the Super Bowl.

    It’d have been nice if McNabb had Travis Kelce at tight end and not a construction worker who hadn’t been on a football field for a year.

      1. The third pick was with 9 seconds left and 91 yards to go and went right through LJ Smith’s hands.

        The Patriots forced four turnovers against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game including–wait for it–three interceptions.

        New England forced three turnovers against the Colts in the Divisional round including an interception. The Colts put up three whole points against New England in that post season.

        You’re right. McNabb sucked though. Had nothing to do with New England’s defense, or the Eagles almost criminal lack of weapons.

        1. McNabb didn’t just suck in the Super Bowl; he sucked in NFC Championship games too. And 3 picks in the Super Bowl is still 3 picks, no matter how you spin it.

  2. How come no one ever mentions that DeSean Jackson was also playing air guitar while walking onto the field with McNabb before that Dallas game?

    Too bad McNabb didn’t heroically pull himself from the Super Bowl after Bruschi and Seymour gave him two helmet to helmet hits. Maybe then instead of focusing on how he only threw for 3 touchdowns and only lost by 3 points to a dynasty people would be lauding him for taking himself out of a postseason game the way the did for the heroic Carson Wentz.

  3. Why is the mike miss show so woke? Haven’t talked super bowl all week. It’s been all sjw and me too shit all week

    1. I don’t listen to that punk. Don’t put money in his pocket; make him live in a ‘Hood instead of a nice safe gated community.

  4. Can you feel the energy that’s going down here tonight!! Number 5 Will Always Love You!

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