Andy Reid is Our Ex-Girlfriend, and We Should Want the Best for Him

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Big Red is going to Super Bowl 54, and maybe he’ll finally win the big one after 21 seasons as an NFL head coach.

That would be a nice story, wouldn’t it? The Eagles win a ring. Then Andy wins his ring. We all share a drink and then everybody dies happy.

I’d watch the 30 for 30 on that, but not every Birds fan would. There are still people out there who want to see Andy lose because of the 14 seasons he coached in Philadelphia, 14 seasons that resulted in an abnormal amount of heart break, disappointment, and passing plays.

But this isn’t a column telling you how to feel. You certainly don’t HAVE to cheer for Andy Reid to win a Super Bowl in Kansas City. You’re perfectly entitled to not care one way or another as an Eagles fan who finally saw your team win it all just two years ago.

My take goes more like this:

If you’re actively rooting for him to fail because of things that happened 10 years ago, even AFTER the Birds won a ring, then you’re probably being a hater.

What does that mean anyway? Being a “hater”?

It means that you can’t be happy for another person’s success. You’ve got some petty beef, a fake conflict that isn’t really there, or no longer needs to be. It’s like breaking up with a girlfriend and then hoping she fails in every future relationship, instead of hoping that she finds “the one.”

Andy is our ex-girlfriend, and I’d like to see him find “the one” out in Kansas City, because I like to remember the good times we had in Philly, not the bad times.

I like to remember how he made Eagles football relevant again, taking us to four NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.

I like to remember 130 total wins, 10 playoff victories, and 11 winning seasons.

I like to remember the Eagles being intriguing and interesting, a perennial contender that drew a ton of local and national attention after the mediocre days of Richie Kotite and Ray Rhodes.

What I don’t need to remember is Joe Jurevicius streaking down the field for 71 yards, or the numerous letdowns we suffered while Andy was in charge. I still remember those things and they still annoy me.

But even then – so what?

So what if Andy lost a bunch of games back then? We should want to see him fail in Kansas City? Just because he failed here? I don’t follow that logic. That’s hater logic, wanting to see continued suffering for Reid and newly-established suffering for Kansas City fans just so they can “feel how we felt” or some similarly ridiculous horse shit explanation.

Here’s the thing –

Andy’s time in Philadelphia and Andy’s time in Kansas City should be treated as mutually exclusive. They are two different things. When he left, that was it for his tenure here. He has not coached in this city in eight seasons, so if we can’t let it go by now, even after winning a ring, then what does that say about us? And I know that “us” is a minority of older fans who likely listen to Angelo Cataldi, but we’re trying to ‘live and let live’ here. We’re not trying to Live and Let Die, which was Roger Moore’s best James Bond film. If we’re bitching in 2020 about NFC Championship games that took place 12, 17, 18, and 19 years ago, then what’s our problem? We’re holding a fifteen-year grudge? For what?

If you’ve got a problem with Andy for another reason, then that’s different. If he told your kid to screw off and wouldn’t sign his mini-football, then I understand. If you served him beers at South Bowl and he stiffed you on the tip, okay. If you think he was a dick to the media, or acted smug during press conferences or spoke down to fans, then fine. This column is not directed at you.

I think the proper take here is actually very simple. Sometimes a divorce works out for both sides. The Eagles tried out Chip Kelly, which wasn’t the right fit, then stumbled into a Reid disciple and won a Super Bowl with a quarterback that Andy convinced not to retire. And when Big Red went to KC, he evolved as a coach, built another powerhouse, and is now playing in another Super Bowl.

So do whatever you’d like to do. If you’re pulling for Andy Reid, cool. If you don’t give a shit, then you’re certainly not the only one. But enough with these bogus takes based on his shortcomings in Philadelphia. You sound petty and vindictive. You sound like a hater.


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    1. Why is it that Mitch Williams can be forgiven by Philadelphia fans (for blowing the 1993 world series) but even though the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Andy Reid can’t be forgiven?

  1. I actively root against fat stubborn pig Andy but going to put my $$ behind him in the Super Bowl. Mahomes is Andy Reid proof . Let’s cash this ticket & get obese Andy a ring

  2. Andrew Reid’s kids ruined many children’s lives by peddling drugs. Reid also brought a convicted felon dog killer to our team. He also has a class act player in Tyreek Hill!!! Screw Reid and the Chiefs. He is a piece of trash!

  3. Three weeks out until the Ruby baby. Nothing’s stopping me. Haters can talk all the crap they want. My mom even says I’m looking good, right mom??

  4. My ex-girlfriend didn’t cost the Eagles a super bowl. Reid is a fat overrated stiff. But, I think I’m gonna cash big on the Chiefs. Even fatso can’t fuck this shit up.

  5. Its always funny watching the butthurt Philly fans get their wife beaters in a twist over Andy. He never could seal the deal but those early 2000s were some of the most exciting times in Philly sports history. I hope he gets his ring. I also have friends in KC who feel this morning like we did two years ago which is amazing for them. Enjoy that shit.

  6. It’s funny, eveyone seems to point to Andy’s evolution as a coach. From what I see, he hasn’t really changed at all. He just has a lot more speed and a QB that is able to bail him out. Mahomes rights Andy’s wrongs in ways McNabb never could. Good for Andy….we got our title. That fat bastard does owe me a LOT of money though for what I invested in those teams.

    1. ..until he wins the superbowl, what has mahomes done that McNabb didn’t do? Not to defend McNabb too vehemently, as he had his shortcomings, but McNabb got to 5 NFC championship games and one Superbowl with absolute trash at the receiver position most years. Mahomes has weapons everywhere and has been to two champ games and this is his first superbowl. It blows my mind how much people forget how amazing 5 could be at times on the field.

  7. This is a great matchup. If the Niners keep Mahomes in the pocket and Jimmy G has no more than 1 turnover I see a Niners win.
    It’s disgusting that Tyreek Hill did the dog-peeing thing sunday. But we already knew what kind of guy he is. Despicable.
    This post season sadly ends up cementing the legacies of both Brees and Rodgers as phenomenal, top 10-ish quarterbacks who couldn’t get it done when it mattered. The gulf between Brady and all these other QBs is widening, not shrinking. Watching A Rod lose again is another sobering reminder that he really hasn’t done much in the post season, despite his incredible talent.

  8. I hope shady gets a ring . Be nice seeing wiz and Spaggs get another ring too

  9. Shady was living it up last night. Oh and yes he skipped out on the bill. As for today all I can say is watch out Red Lobster.

  10. I think this is the best article you have written for this site. I know a guy like this and damn, he is one miserable fuk.

  11. We know Donovan McNabb desperately wants Andy Reid to lose. Donovan doesn’t want to be known as Andy’s losing Super Bowl quarterback, and Mahomes as his winning Super Bowl quarterback.

    1. McPuke was on Twitter blowing the fat man because he loves sticking it to Philly fans. The career loser QB sticking up for his career loser coach.

  12. Can’t stand him for the way he took over every executive position in the Eagles organization and team got worse with every promotion.
    Then he would basically tell us shut up and worship at every press conference.

    1. Finally someone with some sense. I don’t hate Reid and I did enjoy all those teams but as Bob Mont points out Andy had to take over every decision and he weakened the franchise as he went along. He was not a good talent evaluator and that is showing now as KC shines cause he is not in charge. And yes he was pretty smug about it.

  13. I feel like I’m able to look back now on Andy’s tenure here and feel somewhat over it (especially since we won the SB two years ago). Say what you want about him, the Eagles were a significant player in the NFL for those years he was here. 5 NFC Championship games was pretty remarkable (just as losing 4 of them were). So I was first on board the Andy’s gotta go bandwagon, and I must admit, i was pretty excited by the Chip hireI That being said, I don’t root against him nor do I root for him, but I do think it would be nice for him to finally get over the hump and win one. He has dedicated a lot to get there and deserves it as much as anyone.

  14. That in the last week Kevin has claimed that it was normal to have male genitalia sandwiched in your butt crack while playing sports, and has compared an fat old guy to an ex-girlfriend?

    Any articles on how awful bwanks picks were during the playoffs? What about the people how took his advice and are now homeless?

  15. Anyone touting this “live and let live” crap wasn’t there. I was there at the Vet vs Tampa and it was like a fucking funeral walking out of that stadium. And he ended up screwing the pooch 3 more times on top of it. He’s a unicorn when it comes to big-game failure – his most notable career achievement is that he’s won the most playoff games (14) without winning a Super Bowl (he’s also lost 14, btw). He’s basically Marty Schottenheimer except he got a chance to lose a Super Bowl once. Don’t tell me to root for this loser. I rooted for him for 14 years and that was about 4 years too long ’cause Windmill Jeff didn’t have the balls to get rid of him until it was long past time. He’s going to blow it again 2 Sundays from now, and I’m going to laugh my ass off.

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