Carson Wentz is Selling One of His Cars

via Barbera's

Is Barbera the best?

Not sure, but they’ve listed a car owned by Carson Wentz on their website for about $150,000.

You can buy the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon Coupe if you’re up for it. They even put together a Youtube clip covering all of the car’s details:


Some of the proceeds will go to Wentz’s AO1 Foundation, and folks pointed out the irony of a religious man driving a “demon,” which is indeed quirky. We’ll have to check with Pope Francis to see if that’s allowed.

Cool car though, and it’s got less than 4,000 miles on it. Perhaps if we all pool our resources we can buy this thing and take turns driving it around. When I say, “driving it around,” of course I mean sitting on traffic at I-95 and Cottman Avenue.


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  1. I’ve been trying to call the nfl offices in nyc to have the refs suspended and Clowney banned from the League. Answer the phone !

    1. She always comes up some fabricated story so she doesn’t have to pay for tickets

  2. Having worked fixing high end cars for 20 years now, I wouldn’t buy that terd for my worst enemy. All that aftermarket stereo nonsense is someone’s abortion that you’ll inherit and no tech in their right mind would want to sort out an electrical gremlin on…. No to mention it’s a Dodge….

  3. You can over pay for this car, and it’ll break down at least once a year and leave you stranded. Also, if you get hit from behind, don’t even get me started

  4. UPDATE: Barbera just put out a statement that the car seems to have trouble starting in December & January all the way through the first Sunday in February. However, after the 1st Sunday in February the car seems to work fine.

  5. If the car comes with a breathalyzer; sell it to Donovan McNabb. He can’t afford a 3rd DUI.

    1. At this point in his career (4th year as starter) he had 5 playoff wins and 43 regular season wins with zero weapons on offense.

      How many playoff wins does Wentz have?

  6. That guy who shamelessly uses his kid to sell cars would find a buyer. If you can’t make a deal with him, you can’t make a deal with anyone.

  7. Donovan McNabb: Super Bowl Rings 0
    Carson Wentz: Super Bowl Rings 1

    1. Dominique Wilkins: NBA Championship rings : 0
      Will Perdue: NBA Championship rings: 4

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