Delonte West Needs Help

Former Saint Joe’s star Delonte West is in the news cycle this morning after a pair of videos were published online, one of him getting beat up in the middle of the street, followed by a discussion with authorities in which most of what he says is indiscernible.

West, you may know, is bipolar and has struggled with his mental health following an NBA career that saw him play for the Celtics, Sonics, Cavaliers, and Mavericks. These are the videos in question, which resulted in public comments from Jameer Nelson, Phil Martelli, and others looking to get him help:

Martelli was West’s coach at Saint Joe’s and is now an assistant at Michigan. He wrote this in response to a tweet from Nelson, who was Delonte’s college teammate:

TMZ spoke with his former rep:

TMZ Sports has spoken with Delonte’s former agent, Aaron Goodwin, who confirms the person in the video is in fact Delonte West.

Goodwin tells us West is currently recovering from the attack with family members but desperately needs medical attention.

Goodwin says West HAS a support system around him but his close friends and family members need more help to keep Delonte safe and out of trouble.

We’re told the NBA has and is offering to support West and his family. But, the reality is, they can only do so much.

I’ll update this if we learn anything else.

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21 Responses

  1. also, what a dumb bitch–filming it, posting it, and putting those stupid faces all over the post

  2. Unfortunately there are thousands of men and women, on the streets of Philadelphia in similar situations as Delonte West and unfortunately, there’s no one to offer them a helping hand.

    1. What’s stopping you from going out and helping them? And also, most of those people are on drugs. It’s not society’s job to take care of drugged out losers

    1. The commenters aren’t even a fraction of our audience! That’s why after disabling comments, I always bring them right back. But now you have to scroll through betting ads and poor web coding to see them, mwahaha!

  3. Don’t really know much about Delonte, but it is kind of heartbreaking to see a picture of his family and then a video of him getting chewed up in the middle of the streets. I hope he gets back on his feet properly soon. Life is quite an enigma isn’t it?

  4. Mental illness is a serious thing people jump out the window people commit suicide people find themselves in trouble and only because their mind is rattled we stigmatize them we wanna punish them we wanna say oh you know we hope they get the help that they need all you know we hope someone helps them all our prayers are with them this can happen to anyone but there are two words that attach to them when it’s mental illness it is a punishment and it is stigmatize as there are no good as though we have to throw them away and forget about them because now they’re broken we have mental illness awareness what does that mean what should we aware about you hear the tragedies over and over and over again and yet if someone would just stop and listen if we can all just come together to the table and start having discussions if we can just find help for them all medications that are given or not for everyone what you give one you can not give anotherI am so upset because it’s like here we go again another young bright young man who also feels stigmatize who feels as though no one wants to come near him that’s also a lonely place to be so what do we do I can speak on this and I hope someone out there who reads it or is listening to me would help me put a voice Behind this dark demon who tries to destroy the very depths of humans ..😢don’t silence mean because of what tries to destroy me..

  5. I’m from Poland and I saw this recording and read the story of Delonte West. I feel so sorry for this man. He needs help. I read that he was a generous man himself. Please help him!

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