Is Terrell Owens Yoko Ono?

Seems that way, according to Donovan McNabb, who recently appeared on Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories” and explained what happened 15 years ago when T.O. did all of that nonsense, the sit ups in the driveway and everything else that made you scratch your head back then.


Donovan on  T.O. after the Super Bowl year:

“I’m thinking he’ll be back healthy. We have ‘Freak’ (Jevon Kearse), we had guys that were just elevating their game, gaining experience, we’re gonna be back. And so the offseason goes through and all of a sudden there’s turmoil here and there are conversations going back and forth and we had to answer those (off field) questions instead of focusing on what we need to do in order to get back to where we were. And I thought that was the major distraction for us. He’s doing sit ups, he’s doing push ups, he’s playing basketball, he’s ordering pizza for the people out there. And we’re sitting there in training camp just like, ‘you gotta be kidding me.’

We’re in our dorm rooms and I’m just sitting there watching on TV and Brian Dawkins and (Jeremiah) Trotter were my roommates. And Dawk’ would come in and he’s like, ‘man what did he do now?’ And I’m like, ‘take a look. This is like Days of Our Lives.’ It’s unbelievable. That was something that kind of broke us up. That was the most frustrating for me because I knew what we could do….”

Yeah, that was something else back then. Talk about needless drama. Donovan never won a ring, nor did T.O., but maybe Andy gets over the hump finally next weekend.