Father Who Accused Gritty of Punching His Son Tells His Story on the News

via NBC 10

Big hubbub yesterday after the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Christian Hetrick reported that police were investigating after Gritty was accused of punching a 13 year old during a photo op for Flyers season ticket holders.

The incident stems from November, when Chris Greenwell says his son Brandon was hit in the back after he touched the mascot on the head. Comcast Spectacor says they took the allegations “seriously” and conducted an investigation that was not able to support Greenwell’s claim.

Understandably, the story was all over the local news, with the TV stations getting in touch with the father and seeing what he had to say. Here’s the NBC Philadelphia story, reported by Drew Smith, via Johnny “Airport” Clark:

My first thought while watching that, was, ‘holy shit, that’s a nice collection of jerseys.’  Looks like a pretty gnarly basement or man cave, or whatever room they’re in.

Otherwise, there’s nothing particularly new in there. For what it’s worth, most of the reaction on our Facebook page was suspicious, with these two comments rising to the top:

No personal judgment here; just wanted to share those comments, since overwhelmingly it seems like the public opinion is against Greenwell because of what people perceive to be questionable pieces to his story (like asking for perks as reconciliation). Regardless, if there’s no video and no evidence of the alleged punch actually happening, then we’re just stuck in a ‘he said/she said’ quagmire with nowhere to go.


He went on Gargano’s show as well –


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  1. I don’t like the cut of this mans jib.

    Also doesn’t help that he looks like a animated ventriloquist dummy. Creepy.

  2. Kinky when are you going to post a story about Antonio Brown having a warrant out for his arrest? or does this go against your liberal agenda?

  3. Kev, man your battle station! We’ll need a copy and paste of the transcript ASAP.

    Just another day in the life of Philly’s laziest blogger.

  4. This guy is likely full of shit, but if it pours water on the overplayed goofy stupidity that is Gritty I’m happy.

    Flyers hockey used to be for adults, kinda.

  5. Lying sack of shit (((Greenwell)))

    1. The fact that you listen to not one, but two talk radio stations (and yes, “sports” radio is just “talk” radio for manchildren) enough to A) know who the callers are B) care what they say and C) Know that the same person calls more than one station (meaning you listen to more than one station) is incredibly sad and hilarious at the same time. I love when people tell on themselves.

  6. Please! Someone take out a contract on Gritty! If so I have John Wick’s cell #, he’d love to pump him full of lead.

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