Flyers Officially Condemn Mummers Racism

The Flyers had nothing to do with the Mummers’ incident on New Year’s Day where two members of the comic brigade Froggy Carr were seen wearing blackface during a skit that was meant as a tribute to Gritty and the team.

The Flyers logo and Gritty costumes and signs were everywhere. And then there were the two heathens in blackface. Their comments afterwards were disgusting. Froggy Carr was rightfully disqualified. Further penalties could and should be coming. The story went national with Gritty and the Flyers in the headlines all across the country and plenty of orange and black photos accompanying them.

The Flyers had no interest being part of this awful story of racial insensitivity, but the fact is, we live in a society today where headlines and a photo are all people see and read, and as such, the Flyers were having their name, their brand and their trademark being associated with an act of racism.

Not to mention, the team’s full name is Philadelphia Flyers. That means they represent the city – a city that is roughly 45 percent African-American.

So, they really had no choice but to issue a statement disavowing this act and separating themselves from the incident.

Crossing Broad was able to obtain that statement first Thursday night:

“The Flyers had no knowledge or involvement in this group’s usage of our team colors, logo and mascot imagery within its presentation, nor did we have any knowledge of the planned skit. We stand united with the entire Philadelphia community in condemning the brigade’s offensive racial symbolism.”

It was the right thing for the organization to do.

Sure, there are some that will argue the Flyers didn’t have to say anything. That the organization was not involved with this activity in any way, so there is no reason for them to insert themselves in the story.

And I’m sure there was discussion to that fact before the statement was released.

But here’s the thing – if you are unwittingly dragged into an act of “offensive racial symbolism” you have to do whatever you can to first, separate yourself from it, and secondly, nay simultaneously, disavow and condemn it.

The Flyers response may not have been swift, but it was measured, it was strong and it was appropriate.

Consider this a lesson learned from how the Kate Smith matter was handled a little more than a year ago.

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38 Responses

  1. The mayor and his cronies have been trying to end the Mummers parade for years and two nitwits sealed its fate. And it’s a shame. The string bands are the driving force and I enjoy seeing them in Ocean City during the summer on the boardwalk.

  2. Flyers didn’t need to release a statement. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows they had nothing to do with those dopes.

  3. who the f cares…..if blacks wear whiteface they be getting a noble peace prize just like obutthole received for being the worst president in history while claiming racism every time he was criticized,,,,enjoy dem dems.

  4. 1.) who knew the mummers were still around. Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of drunken kenzos prance around like fairies
    2.) the flyers should’ve just ignored this. Does anyone really think they would supported it—the already botched the Kate smith statue, just leave it be. They should be more concerned about trying to stop alienating their fan base than pleasing yoke liberals
    3.) when did this country become so sissified? So a few drugged out losers but black face one. WHO CARES!!!

      1. But I think the crime ridden black filled ghettos and unfettered democrat control of the city is what gives it a bad name. Not to mention all of the drunken white union illiterate eagles fans

  5. But it’s just fine with Minister Rodney Muhammad to be the president of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Philadelphia.

    1. And did you forget to mention that our Black elected officials belong to the Congressional Black Caucus?

      1. Don’t forget when about when I put black face on and dressed up like a KKK member. It’s ok though because I’m a democrat

  6. Shut down the Mummers…..but also the NAACP, Miss Black America, Black Entertainment Television Network,
    Congressional Black Caucus, Black Lawyers of America, Black Journalists of America….and on and on.
    Good luck 😂

  7. A late evening post about race – here come the snowflakes.

    “What about white face?
    Get rid of BET!
    Hypocrisy “

    Good god.

    Crybaby whiny snowflakes. Somehow being white is a hardship for you.

    1. I am a Republican.

      Just not a whiny snowflake Republican.

      Pointing out that people like you are childish punks doesn’t make me a liberal. It makes you a whiny snowflake.

      Whaaaa….why can’t we have white TV.


        1. That is some deep thinking.

          If I am not a whiny snowflake that likes to be an online anonymous punk, I am not a real Republican.

          The only thing exposed is your skirt, Cinderella.

  8. While I think black face id funny, this just reaffirms what we have all known for years. Other than string bands, who are actually talented musicians, the rest of the mummers are drunken white trash

  9. I guess we need to schedule a pickup today. The trash here is piling up and other sites are complaining about the smell. We’ll have a truck out ASAP.

  10. It’s jaw dropping to see so many folks taking sides with someone who shamed himself and every other Mummer by performing in Blackface. I stand with our great mayor and Beni eve we should end this disgusting mummers tradition

  11. I guess those civil liberties went out the window a long time ago.

    1. Why do you Trumpanzees have such a problem with the Constitution you claim so sacred? Go read the First Amendment (get someone to help you with the big words) and tell us how it absolutely does NOT apply here. We’ll wait.

  12. People see the hypocrisy here. They see and experience Black racism everywhere. They see how the media, snowflakes, Flyers along with other sports teams and the city government endorse hatred against Whites while having a meltdown when few a drunks go around in blackface.

    We notice the double standard and you aren’t shaming us or intimidating us. You are only increasing the pressure inside the pot. It is going to get messy for the totalitarian thought police when it all explodes.

  13. Talking about a snowflake.

    The “it’s hard to be white” stuff is the best.

    Watch out – the pot is going to explode. 😂 snowflake revolution.

  14. I think the black face paint is hilarious and I can’t wait to see it again next year, I love how mad and fake offended everybody gets. The mummers parade is 100% safe and going nowhere, these jerkoffs can try to cancel it but it’s not happening.

  15. I’m going to organize a troupe of mummers that openly mock things that make white people go nuts. Some of us will dress like Colin Kapernick and kneel while holding boom boxes that play the national anthem. I will have another group dress up as O.J. Simpson while trying to put on gloves that don’t fit. We will all dance to Fuck the Police by NWA at the end.

  16. Mayor Kenney gets all upset about 2 guys in Blackface out of 10,000 performers. But he does his Irish Jig bragging about being a Santuary City, which is against the law.

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