FOX 29 Does Segment Featuring Houston Astros Trash Can

via FOX 29

If you’re a frequent morning news viewer, you know you typically get the weather, traffic, a couple of shootings, maybe a stabbing, and then a fluffy feel-good story. Do that for 15 minutes, then repeat the cycle for two hours until the network takes over.

Good Day Philadelphia producers get points for creativity, however. They have to fill something like four hours in the morning, and today we witnessed a segment touching on the Houston Astros cheating scandal featuring a trash can:

The context here, if you’re unfamiliar, is that the Astros would bang on a trash can to signal when a certain pitch was coming, based on signs stolen via a center field camera focused on the catcher. That’s why the trash can feels like he was hard done, because he had nothing to do with it.

MLB handed down their punishment Monday, banning manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow for one year while taking away draft picks and leveling a $5 million dollar fine. Hinch and Luhnow were later fired by owner Jim Crane. Alex Cora, who is with the Red Sox now, will get his comeuppance in due time.


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  1. I wish people had this same energy for actual cheating like the steroid era or referees pulling rules out their tuchases for the Patriots. Know how to not have your signs stolen? Vary your signs more.

    1. With a video camera and a little bit of machine learning software it’s relatively easy to have the signs figured out to a high degree of certainty in only a few pitches. Do you really want to have the pitcher and catcher change signs every batter? Imagine how slow the game would become.

      1. The game is already slow thanks to the focus on homeruns. Major League Sukball is obsessed with homeruns to the point they “took over manufacturing” i.e. juiced the baseball. They want faster games, but with more offense. The only place in the universe where that logic holds up to scrutiny is perhaps WVUs journalism classroom, which appears to give participation trophies in lieu of grades.

  2. I hope the Phillies hire the Astros former GM after his suspension is over.

    Because Klentak is a lame duck. 🦆 Quack!

  3. My wife bitched so I punched her in the mouth.. now she looks like Clarkie!!!

  4. I gotta admit I would trade me for a shot at Joe Burrow too. I HAVE FAILED THIS CITY.

  5. Crossing Broadcast. Whoo boy.

    For a guy who makes fun of Angelo and other actual sports radio hosts, Kevin’s voice is a surefire cure for insomnia. Especially when he’s talking about riveting topics like the worst roads in the Delaware Valley.


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