Giants Reportedly Ask for Permission to Talk to Jason Garrett (Update – They Hired Somebody Else)

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Can’t make this stuff up:

Imagine having to ask permission to talk to a coach who has already been replaced. And imagine that coach has a career 2-3 playoff record despite spending 9.5 seasons in Dallas.

The Giants can do better than Jason Garrett. But for the Eagles sake, the fact that they’re even looking at a guy like him is a good thing. How much would a theoretical trio of Mike McCarthy, Ron Rivera, and Jason Garrett coaching the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants scare you? Doug Pederson would still be the best coach in the division.


Schefty dropping a bomb on Rap Sheet’s report –

And Rap Sheet responds:

Judge is from Philly, he’s a Lansdale Catholic alum. 38 years old. I don’t know a ton about him beyond that, but he was a special teams guy for a while and joined the Pats’ staff after stints with Alabama and Mississippi State.

Also this:


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  1. Doug Pederson would definitely still be the best coach in the division. He’s overseen two years of regression since the super bowl better than anyone could! We love you dougie!

  2. That would be so great. They drag him along after the season is over, then finally tell him he won’t be back, then leave him as a lame duck for 8 days, then deny him a chance at another job.

  3. NFC East teams will continue to battle it out for the title of the worst division winner in the league for many years to come.

  4. No doubt if fat Eric Bieniemy was Chinese or Caucasian he would have a hc job

  5. Doug now third best coach in east. But hey we still have a qd who only has been hurt. 3 straight years in high school. 4 straight years in college, and 4 straight years in NFL. So ummmmm fly eagles fly.

  6. We were hoping the Cowboys would have hired Ray Rhodes to improve the diversity dilemma at Head Coach.

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