“I am Going to Sandusky You”- Former Player Accuses Penn State of Hazing

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A federal lawsuit filed by former Penn State football player Isaiah Humphries claims that coaches turned a blind eye to a culture of hazing in the program.

Humphries names Penn State University, head coach James Franklin, and one ex-teammate as a defendant while accusing three others of orchestrating the abuse. Staffers, he contends, retaliated when he complained about the abuse, which ultimately led to his transfer.

Via Matt Miller at Penn Live: 

The hazing occurred in several areas on campus, including the Lasch Building, and was observed repeatedly by coaches who didn’t intervene, the suit states.

Humphries says the hazers told underclassmen on the team that they were “their bitch because this is a prison” and threatened them with sexual assault.

“I am going to Sandusky you,” was a threat also voiced by the supposed abusers in reference to disgraced former Coach Jerry Sandusky, who is in prison for molesting young boys, Humphries claims.

He claims his alleged tormenters would wrestle victims to the ground, then shove their genitals in the victims’ faces or between their buttocks and hump them. Those who resisted were bullied, he contends. Hazers also stole their targets’ clothes, Humphries says.

This (alleged) behavior would have been considered normal 25 years ago. “Boys being boys, nothing to see here,” and whatnot.

Of course things are different in 2020, with a big focus on bullying and hazing and anything falling into that family of infractions. And of course Penn State’s reputation is still a divisive topic among local sports fans, even more than five years removed from the Sandusky scandal.

We’ll see what happens here.


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  1. 25 years ago shoving your genitals between someone else’s ass cheeks and humping them would be considered normal? Do you need to talk to someone Kevin?

    Absolute fucking trash program. Can’t wait to hear the apologists spin this.

      1. you are our most distiguished alum, Kev. You are a blogger! Remember all the great times we had in the locker room when it was just me and you?

      2. So who was the first lucky boy to shove his genitals betwixt your cheeks in the 90s, Kinky?

    1. Congrats to my man EROCK on his engagement to Natalie Eggnolf. Also hearing about a surprise coming in 9 months. Best wishes to the both of you.

  2. PSU Football is a dirtbag program and almost a cult.

    the NCAA should have given them the death sentence they deserved back in 2012 when it becamse obvious “Saint” Joe allowed a monster to assault children–for close to forty years.

  3. And never almost got ass r8ped. Sorry if your gym teacher told you that was normal Kevin, but’s it’s not.

  4. Sometimes i write that on a post-it and put it on the fridge so my wife knows to expect some anal that night. P.S., my wife’s name is Jim

  5. Heard Derrick Henry used to Jerry some of his teammates at Alabama with the dildo hanging from the back of his head

  6. This “article” is going to be evidence in a court case one day.

    The Sixers make rookies get them biscuits . The PSU football team quite literally sodomizes their underclassmen. And you think that is or was ever normal?

  7. A little shaving cream in the shoes, some icy hot smeared on the jock; thats all good. Forcibly butt humping someone is grounds for retaliation. And society wonders why these things escalate.

  8. well, it could also be BS, like Garrett from the Browns saying that the guy from the Steelers (Rudolph) used a “racial slur” right before he clocked him with his own helmet…..

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