There were a lot of bad Carson Wentz takes Sunday night and Monday morning, takes from Tory Holt and Josina Anderson and Danny Kanell, among others.

Those folks suggested that Wentz is injury prone, or just doesn’t have the constitution or durability to play in the NFL, which seemed like a strange thing to say after the guy got his head speared into the turf via an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit from Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

This was one of the things Kanell tweeted:

His take was later explained as Wentz lacking “durability” vs. being “soft,” which is fine, but again, the guy was illegally hit from behind and his head was smushed into the ground.

Kanell went on 94 WIP Monday afternoon and Ike Reese wasn’t having any of it during an exchange that actually started out reasonably well. Kanell’s argument seemed to center around the idea that Wentz needs to do a better job of protecting himself by sliding, which I think most people would agree with it. But on the play in question, and other similar plays, he’s simply diving forward to try to gain more yards in a high stakes, high leverage situation. We all know his style of play sometimes puts him at risk, but I’m not sure that equates to suggesting that the guy just doesn’t have the frame or smarts or durability to play in the NFL, or that he’s injury prone.

Part of the convo when it started to go off the rails:

Ike Reese: You may think you’re not calling him soft, or not implying that he’s soft, or what have you, but what I really have an issue with is a guy who played that position for years and been in this league, I thought you took an opportunity to pounce on a guy when that injury was to no fault of his own, and you’re trying to make it like it was his fault. To me, I’m not saying you’re breaking a bond or an oath with the fraternity that we had, but you forget that you played quarterback. To me, you took the opportunity to drive a narrative that you believe in, and that you wanted people to react to.

You’re doing a little backpedaling today, and I think you had time to think about it and you realized it. You’re smart enough to know that when you put out what you did in the Twitterverse, that there is no true context, there is no true way to go back and forth and have a real conversation over it. You put it out there because you knew it was going to sting and you wanted it to sting. I’m surprised you did that to a guy that played the position you played. You know how hard it is to play that position, to play quarterback and you took a shot at a guy when he took a dirty hit to the back of the neck and got a concussion. I didn’t think that was cool, Danny.

Danny Kanell: Alright bud. I totally understand that take, and maybe it was insensitive in the moments after the game to go with that take, but I think it’s fair, completely reasonable to have an observation that Carson Wentz has struggled to stay healthy, even going back to college. He didn’t even play two consecutive years in college –

That was around the 14 minute mark, but you can listen to the whole thing here. It’s worth the time: