Jay Ajayi Gave Up 72 Goals in his First FIFA Competition

The Philadelphia Union signed Jay Ajayi to be their 2020 representative in the ‘eMLS’ FIFA league that’s organized by Major League Soccer.

It was a publicity stunt more than anything, but a smart one, because the Union brand found its way to all sorts of global media outlets that shared the news of a pro football player and Super Bowl winner signing on to rep the local soccer team in a video game tournament.

Turns out, however, that Jay Train isn’t very good at FIFA. In Thursday’s inaugural league event at Union Transfer on Spring Garden Street, he finished dead last:

Jay scored 11 goals and gave up 72. That’s a pretty rough start.

But listen –

He can only improve from here.

I’ll end this story on a positive note out of respect to the Super Bowl winner:


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  1. wonder if they comments will be turned on? Take your punishment like a man, Wanker.

  2. English national losses badly in video game soccer and was sponsored by local socialist entity…oh I mean soccer club. I’m gonna need to tape my eyelids shut so my eyes don’t roll out of my head.

  3. At least he didn’t pull himself from the competition like a certain 30 million dollar a year quarterback did this past Sunday.

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