How are you supposed to lay any kind of ground work at your job if you can’t even work there for a full year? How do you implement a plan and bring your employees along and build relationships? You really can’t.

That’s why it’s a bit of a head-scratcher to see former Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo fired again, for the second-straight season:

The Jaguars confirmed this one minute later, calling it a “mutual” parting of ways.

Flip didn’t even last the full season with Minnesota in 2018. He was fired by Mike Zimmer and replaced by Kevin Stefanski, who just left for the Browns job. Now Zimmer will be on his fifth offensive coordinator in five years.

Jacksonville, meantime, brought in Nick Foles, who got injured. Gardner Minshew came in and did a nice job, Foles came back, struggled, and then got himself benched. Minshew finished out the season.

Is that DeFilippo’s fault? The QB carousel in DUUUUUUVAL? Seems like he kind of got screwed, or at least that’s how it looks from the outside. If Mike Zimmer is possibly a hard ass and difficult to work with, and the Jags have no clue how to handle the QB situation, then it’s at least worth asking how much blame Flip gets for failing to hold on to a job since leaving the Eagles after the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, the Birds have an opening at offensive coordinator. He knows the team, system, and quarterback. What would you think about bringing back DeFilippo, knowing that Doug Pederson is calling the plays here?