Kyle Brandt Stars in “The Wolf of Broad Street”


Kyle Brandt has appeared occasionally on this site as one of the few national media folks who supports the Eagles. If the trendy thing is to rip Philly teams and Philly fans, he does the opposite, encouraging the Birds to remember who they are and embrace their recent success as a Super Bowl champ despite a long list of odds (and injures) that are typically stacked against them.

Today, the Good Morning Football host was it again, this time delivering us a new skit which is dubbed “The Wolf of Broad Street.” –

The dogs are done with. I’m done.

Yeah I love it. I’m done with the underdogs thing, too. These guys have been there and done that. Doug Pederson is indeed the alpha of the pack.

And that scene he does at the end is a classic from the film. “The show goes on! I ain’t fucking leaving!” I think I shared it on this site not long ago, but it’s worth another watch:

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10 Responses

  1. “The Wolf of Wall Street” kind of sucked and is really only worth watching to see naked Margot Robbie.

  2. I enjoy hearing drones throw out all of these stats showing how “overrated” the Seahawks are. No one seems to pay attention to the fact that the Eagles beat 2 teams with winning records this year. Or the fact that they had to struggle against glorified high school teams the last 4 weeks just to eek their way into the playoffs. Meanwhile the Seahawks were a non-PI call away from being 12-4 and winning the toughest division in football. Keep doing your chants though and telling yourself how Boston Scott will lead you to the promised land. Reality sets in in 2 days.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Scrooge. Most of us have just decided to enjoy the ride. And for what its worth, Seattle’s 3 games prior to SF…crushed by Rams, barely beat Carolina w/ a crap QB, and destroyed (at home) by that juggernaut from Arizona.

          1. Look dude, maybe it will be over, and you will be the smartest grump in town. If the result is such a lock, then there are plenty of infomercials for you to watch on Sunday.

  3. Forgot about that. The “Reality” is that Seattle has 11 wins, and only 3 against teams with winning records (SF in OT, Minn, and Eagles). They also boast the following:
    1 point win vs. CIN
    2 point win vs. PIT (1st week w/o Ben)
    4 point win vs. CLE
    OT win vs. TB
    1 pt win vs LAR when Rams kicker missed an easy game winner at buzzer

    This game is dead even and is going to be fun. People should save their hate for Agholor, Hollins. Alsnitch, and Darby. These guys playing now deserve our support.

  4. Eagles last five games: they had their final five games against four of the six worst defenses in the NFL. Four games against three teams that were in tank mode positioning for the draft. One game against a washed up benched quarterback. One game against a team whose entire line backing corps was hurt and whose QB (who is spotty to begin with) was playing with an injured AC joint in his throwing arm and a fractured finger on his throwing hand. Four* games against teams with lameduck coaches who have since been fired. No games against a team above .500.

    What a miraculous 4-1 finish! HOW did they pull it off?!

    1. Let’s give zero credit to a team running practice squad players out there at skill positions for the last month…

      Losing it’s best 2 offensive lineman by far and all of the games being must win…

      Just cause its lower competition dosent mean it’s a gimmie..

      Examples you ask..sure

      The Pat’s are playing this week when they coulda had a bye cause they lost to miami at home

      This seattle team that all gets all this credit should not have needed a win last week to lock up the one seed. Two weeks prior if they were able to handle business at home against the uber talented az cardinals and Brett hundley instead of getting blown out than last week means zero..

      When carson wins tomorrow cause yes he is that good u just cant look past nick foles..and his sb run..if anything that should show you how good that TEAM was..not or I most likely could have won it as long as we did not mess it up..

      Go look at that Atl game in playoffs in 17 Keanu neal literally punted it to smith at end of hlf

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