NBA Completely Changes All-Star Game Format

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA All-Star Game takes place on February 16th in Chicago, and it’s gonna play out a lot differently than it has in years past.

Via The Associated Press:

The NBA announced major changes to the All-Star format on Thursday, turning every quarter into a mini-game for charity before an untimed final quarter with a target score that will decide which team wins. Scores will be reset — back to 0-0 — at the start of the second and third quarters, then restored to begin the fourth quarter.

That’s where the tribute to Bryant and the No. 24 jersey he wore for the last decade of his NBA career comes into play. The team that wins the All-Star Game will be the first to reach a target score, determined by the total points the team in the lead scored in the first three quarters combined — plus 24, the obvious nod to Bryant.

This is an interesting idea, something new and unique and different instead of the score being 127-125 at the end of third quarter after both sides (understandably) played no defense. Add the charity element and break it up into smaller games instead.

Here are some more specific details from the league:

That seems… slightly complicated, but I get it. Maybe instead of adding up the scores from the first three quarters, they could have just played an untimed fourth and the first team to 24 wins.

Either way, I’m intrigued.

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  1. do you only want to bore your niche audience or the general masses?

    anything new on things that happened at WIP today? Anything Angelo said to blog about?

    1. this post was up for 30 seconds before you commented

      it’s almost like you’re sitting around with nothing better to do

  2. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… The NBA is a clownshow.

  3. they’ll also be subtracting points at the end of the game for each r.a.p.e. kobe committed

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