Opinion: Petition to “Suspend and Fine Jadeveon Clowney” Makes Us Look Like the Saints Fans we Criticized Last Year

This was inevitable.

Somebody started a change.org petition asking the NFL to suspend and fine Jadeveon Clowney for the cheap hit he put on Carson Wentz, knocking him out of Sunday’s playoff game.

As of publication, the petition had a little more than 5,000 signatures and was growing by the minute:

Couple of thoughts:

  1. The NFL isn’t going to do anything. There really isn’t anything for them to do. The incident took place four days ago and the officials missed the call.
  2. Even if they did throw a flag, Carson Wentz would still have been knocked out of the game. Philly would have taken the 15-yard penalty and Josh McCown would be in the game.
  3. We all made fun of Saints fans last year for their nonstop complaints about the pass interference no call. It’s one thing for us to moan about this in casual conversation, in writing, and on sports radio, but it when it turns into petitions and lawsuits and things of that nature, that’s when you get into “this is pointless” territory.
  4. Even when the NFL changed the pass interference rules after all of the NOLA complaining, they failed to reverse pretty much every PI call that was reviewed this year. So even when they do budge, they really actually don’t.

And look, I think Eagles fans are certainly justified in being annoyed with a cheap hit that knocked a franchise quarterback out of a playoff game. If we flipped the script and Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers was on the receiving end of the Clowney hit, Boston and Green Bay fans would be equally incensed. But there’s a line to be drawn, and when we get into petitions and lawsuits and public demonstrations and whatever, then it just makes us look a little naive. It makes us look exactly like the Saints fans that we told to “get over it” this time last year.

We just have to take a step back and accept the fact that we got dicked over. It happens, unfortunately.


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    1. Most of those losers were the same ones ripping Saints fans and now they’re doing the exact same thing.


  1. Anyone hear that crazy lady call Angelo this morning saying she’s been calling the NFL to have the refs suspended.

    I now it’s sad for Carson to miss another playoff game, but why are the Eagles and the fans so distraught? There was very little chance they were going to go much further in the playoffs or even beat Seattle if they had Wentz. The NFC East was horrible this year, the Eagles were by far the worst division winner and they were the easiest team to predict would go out in the first round. Heck, part of the reason the Patriots and Bills looked better than they were was because the NFC East was so bad. The Eagles can be better next year.

    1. Nailed it right on the head. This iteration of the Eagles with all the other injuries had no more than a punchers chance to win the Superbowl this year, so theres no need to go crazy over it. It sucked, it happened, Clowney sucks, yada yada, move on with life.

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’re absolutely right Kevwev. Don’t get too excited though. Even a stopped clock is right once a day…

  3. It’s been four days and Angelo is still raining about the hit! He knows how to cater to the knuckle dragging low life eagle fans.

    And also, it wasn’t an illegal or dirty hit. No penalty, no fine. That’s a clean hit where i come from

      1. We covered this yesterday, try to keep up. I like listening to the loser eagles fans cry and cry and that buffoon host and Mrs Ed cry along with them.

  4. Don’t forget the filter. Shouldn’t an “irreverent” site have no filter? Maybe they were trying to spell irrelevant. And where is Joe DisProsperos? Typing Hamlet?

  5. Opinion: Who is the Crossing Broad Blogger that has written multiple articles daily about this hit since Sunday? Doesn’t this latest article prove that he’s a low IQ, dullard, hypocrite from BASH & WVU?

  6. Comparing an online petition with like .02% of the fanbase signing it to actual legal action by team ownership is pretty tenuous. We’re bad but not even close to those crybaby Saints fans.

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