Philadelphia Inquirer Offering 54 Weeks of Digital Access for $54

The Inquirer has been offering a variety of digital and print deals for some time now as leadership there continues to navigate a tough newspaper market in 2020.

Some of their writers and managers have been sharing links on social media this week advertising another deal, this one offering 54 weeks of unlimited digital access for only $54.

Here are the specific details:

  • $54 for 54 weeks
  • $3.50 per week thereafter, Charged $14.00 every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited Digital Access to The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News Replica editions
  • Automatic subscription to Morning Newsletter and Insider Email
  • Improved browsing experience
  • Automatically renews at the same rate, unless we notify you in advance
  • Cancel anytime

It’s a pretty lengthy deal. If you subscribed tomorrow, February 1st, 54 weeks would carry you into the NBA All-Star break of 2021. You’re essentially getting unlimited online access for 14 cents a day.

Compare that to The Athletic, which came in a few years ago and poached a ton of traditional newspaper writers. Subscriptions there are $60 a year or $10 a month, but most readers get in via promotional deals. My Athletic payment is $7.99 a month, which is obviously more expensive than the Inquirer but gives me access to all of the national and international writing, not just hyper-local stuff.

Either way, interesting to observe how the Inky is going about trying to revamp their revenue approach here. That $54 deal is a one-time offer that ends Monday. If you wanted to get the print AND digital versions of the Inquirer, there are $2 and $4 per week promotions that are also available right now.


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    1. And people wonder why the quality of journalism erodes and local reporting is dried up. No one wants to pay for it, and they want it all for free.

  1. Every day is like the Saturday edition used to be, except on Sunday, and that edition went on a diet, too.

  2. Whenever I see the NY Post and Daily News, I pick up one of each. Many WAWAs sell them.

  3. For who? For what?

    To save important pieces such as “Coronavirus: racism and exclusion can hurt as much as a virus” and “White male rage is Team Trump’s only response to impeachment. We shouldn’t put up with this.”?

  4. I get my toilet paper and cat litter box liner for a lot cheaper than that.

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