Report: Matt Burke to Become Eagles Defensive Line Coach

Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher do a great podcast on 97.3 ESPN called “Inside the Birds.”

Caplan is down at the Senior Bowl right now, and therefore is sniffing around a bit. On the latest edition of the podcast, posted Thursday, he reports that the Eagles have decided on who their new defensive line coach and assistant d-line coach will be.


Barring a major surprise it’s going to be Matt Burke as the d-line coach, and this is really interesting – it’s going to be Jeremiah Washburn as his assistant. Jeremiah, I checked into this, because it seems like everyone knows this stuff, coaches all around the NFL know this already. So I asked coaches who are here (at the Senior Bowl), ‘hey what can you tell me about this guy?’ I know he’s Jim (Washburn’s) son, but I don’t know anything about him. Super duper smart, and obviously he knows the wide 9 because Burke is a protege of Jim Schwartz, so he knows the wide 9. Burke, I don’t know that he’s ever coached d-line, but he’s a strategist, incredibly strategic, that’s why he’s getting this job because he matches what Jim wants.

Burke is the former Dolphins defensive coordinator who served as a “defensive special assistant” this season. Washburn was in the program as an “advanced projects coordinator.”

Caplan also says that the Birds will interview Marquand Manuel for the open defensive backs job. He’s a Cover 3 guy who was previously the Falcons’ defensive coordinator.

Here’s the full podcast:

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9 Responses

  1. I’m at the Senior Bowl too but i can’t break a story like this because i’m busy writing a column about the awful nachos in the Senior Bowl press room.

  2. I always laughed at the people who said photographs steal a mans soul until I saw this picture and now think their ideas are intriguing and wish to subscribe to their newsletter.

  3. Actually my favorite eagles podcast by far. These two are just informational, objective and knowledgeable. I dont think it’s a 97.3 espn pod tho…I think Caplan and Mosher produce it themselves or something. I think it was with wip last year. Not sure either way best eagles pod out there

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