Stay or Go? A Look at the Eagles’ Free Agent List

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The Birds are done, which means we can start talking about the roster. We can talk about positions of need, draft strategy, the Malcolm Jenkins situation, and whatever other offseason topics are out there. We can talk about it for eight full months.

Let’s start it off with a look at the free agents. Who stays and who goes?

We know this team has to get a little younger, which general manager Howie Roseman mentioned today at his season-ending press conference. With a projected 10 draft picks lined up for April, this is a good opportunity for the Eagles to jettison some of their aging stars and add an influx of fresh talent.

My takes:

Jordan Howard – go

He’s only 25 years old and still has gas in the tank. Problem is that he’s a volume back who gets better cumulatively with more touches, and when you’ve got Miles Sanders and Boston Scott already in the fold, you won’t find 16-18 carries a game for Howard.

This will be his first foray into free agency, and he’ll be looking for more money than what the Eagles would pay him to stick around as one-third of a three-headed monster.

Jason Peters – go

It’s time. It was probably time last year. Maybe even the year before that.

Peters can ride off into the sunset and take up his spot in the Hall of Fame. Andre Dillard’s time at left tackle has come, and if Howie Roseman keeps Peters around for another season, it will be personnel malpractice. Russ’s head will explode.

Vinny Curry – go 

He’s 31 now, and was just okay to begin the year, but had himself a nice finish, bagging four sacks in the final five games. You could probably keep him around rather cheap as a depth piece, but if Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett are the starters, and you like what you have in Josh Sweat and Genard Avery as a burgeoning edge rusher, then you can probably move on here.

Nelson Agholor – go

He needs a change of scenery in the worst way possible.

Nelly was fantastic in 2017, and honestly got screwed a bit with the injuries to Mike Wallace and DeSean Jaccson, which forced him to move around a bunch both this year and last year. If he can find a new slot gig somewhere and stay in that position, he could have a nice rebound year in 2020, assuming he hangs on to the ball.

Ronald Darby – go 

Can’t bring him back again. The injuries are piling up and he’s been less than stellar when he has been healthy. Plus, he had the audacity to say that Lil’ Uzi Vert is the next Michael Jackson. 

Kamu Grugier-Hill – go

His value is on the special teams unit, so either pay him the minimum and keep him around, or say “thanks for your service.” He doesn’t do anything well enough as a linebacker to justify more than that, and he’s coming off the injury anyway.

Gotta draft a linebacker or two this year, especially if Jim Schwartz leaves, because other coordinators value the LB position.

Josh McCown – go

Great mentor, seemed like a good dude to have around in 2019. He played relatively well in the playoff game. Maybe next season he can stay retired and enjoy whatever comes next in life. Maybe they find a role for him in the coaching ranks.

Rodney McLeod – go 

Safety is tough, because there’s not much of anything in the pipeline behind McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins. They haven’t cultivated much at free safety or strong safety over the years while relying on Avonte Maddox and journeymen like Tre Sullivan to fill the gaps.

McLeod is 29, so he’ll probably want a chunky final contract that carries him to age 33 or so. If the Eagles are going to scrape an extra million or two to keep Jenkins happy, then I think you let McLeod go and look for another free safety in 2020.

Jalen Mills – stay

I’m not as down on Mills as most people. I think he’s relatively steady for the most part, especially in the red zone, and would really benefit from playing in a different scheme if Schwartz ends up taking off. If Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas showed you a bit more this year, perhaps you could turn to those guys and move on from both Darby and Mills, but I don’t think we saw enough this season to justify doing that.

Big V – stay*

He’s a good backup who can play multiple spots across the line. Likely scenario is that another team offers him a starting job, and he takes off for greener pastures. Big V is not as bad as everybody thinks he is. You got people out here making it seem like he’s the Izel Jenkins of offensive linemen.

Hassan Ridgeway – stay

Should be relatively affordable coming off the injury and he’s still only 25 years old, a guy who played reasonably well before going down. I think they bring him back as a nice piece of the DT rotation.

Tim Jernigan – go 

Similar to a Curry situation, though he’s younger.

The injury history will limit his market value, which means the Eagles might get him back on the cheap if no suitors are out there. I honestly think you’re better off going with Ridgeway at DT3 behind Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson, who is coming back from his injury.

Nate Studfeld – no clue

It’s either him or Kyle Lauletta backing up Carson Wentz in 2020, unless the Eagles change their tune on both guys. They seem to like Sudfeld, but made McCown the #2 this year even after Sudfeld came back from the fractured wrist.


So that’s nine “go,” three “stay,” and one “no clue” from me. Nigel Bradham has a team option and Corey Clement is a restricted free agent, so they weren’t included.  I’d really like Howie to make some wholesale offseason changes and get serious about building a younger roster. He can start by moving on from most of these free agents.

Time’s yours.


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  1. Vinny Curry likes it here and will take a hometown discount, and is better than Avery IMO.

    I think you give McLeod a competitive offer at least – if he can do better elsewhere, fine, but he’s not been terrible. And who do we have to replace him?

    For the last point… I’d rather have seen Sudfeld in the game Sunday instead of McCown. He was balling out this preseason before the injury. Putting McCown above him in the depth chart was probably Doug’s biggest mistake. McCown looked like a geriatric out there, grabbing his hammy after every play.

    1. “Balling out” against 3rd stringers in preseason and playing against a playoff defense are two different things.

    2. As much as Wentz apologists want to play the “don’t blame the victim” game, real football fans know that devastating hits (dirty or clean) are part of the game and it’s the QB’s responsibility to protect himself and keep himself available to his teammates.

      Wentz refuses to learn his lesson.

      Slide like Wilson did all game and he would not have taken that blow.

      1. How are you supposed to slide behind the line of scrimmage being tripped up by pressure? I think people have this idea in their head that he was 10 yards downfield diving… Dude was trying to get back to the line after being tackled at the feet.

  2. any word on whether the balding high school baseball coach who moonlights as the 2nd coming of Brandon Lang will have comments enabled for his div Rd picks post???

      1. We all want to know is why I did. Kyle turned this once witty/funny site into some gambling schill monstrosity and allowed people (Wanks) who know nothing about gambling to write these awful posts with even worse gambling advice. That advice was absolute TRASH on the first weekend of the playoffs and we wanna know is he gonna be held accountable IE allow us to berate him for his awful picks or is Kyle going to allow his precious snowflake to have a ‘safe space’ for his next round of picks.

          1. But he’s right. This site posts gambling advice and then is nowhere to be found when it’s dead wrong (which is way more often than not)

          2. Who cares. Don’t read it or don’t bet it.

            Hitting refresh all day and writing the same stuff is friggin pathetic.

            Please turn the comments on so I can post childish crap when you miss a pick.

            Wtf? Losers.

        1. Your responsible for your own bets, can’t blame others… If it was easy we would all be rich. How many people seriously expected the Vikings to go into NO with Kirk Cousins and win that game…

        2. Wanksta shouldn’t get special treatment. If comments are open for other writers, they should be open for him. Or turn off comments again and watch those page views drop across the board.

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  3. Nate Scrubfeld is as good as gone and if Howie Roseman brings back Jason Peters, my head will literally explode.

  4. Howie better do the right thing and take that fat fucking pig Jason Peters outback & put him down

  5. 40 year old back up quarterback who was coaching high school had more yards per carry than Boston Scott in that playoff game. Just saying. Stup acting like the kid is Walter Payton.

    Big V is going to be signed as a starter somewhere else.

  6. I think Big V is gonna get starting job money elsewhere.

    Ive seen some comments about moving Mills to Safety. Not sure that would work, but I def think he’s worth keeping.

  7. Change all the US time zones to CPT? If so, that’s terrible. That could have really wreaked havoc with the economy. MAGA

  8. 1000 dollars to the first person that can get me little Timmy Gudel’s digits. Serious replies only.

  9. Sorry, we are stuck with him and his humongous contract. Malcom isn’t Dawk. Not paying him $12 million a year at age 32. Get young. We need a team that can have several chances while Carson is still in his prime. Don’t be surprised at age 32 he retires from football and takes him family to a Mission in some foreign country.

  10. Delivered $140+ pizza to Fat jason Peters house. Couldn’t change 2 $100 bills-told him I’d be back. At next stop I was held up at gunpoint. Ran for it & called cops. Fat pig calls to complain, mger explains. Go back-player says “heard you had a rough time.” Tips me $100. Great guy

  11. Anyone else sick of hearing Mrs Ed talk about me all the time? Also, if anyone knows who my dad is, please let me know. I think he won tickets to the nova care box about ten years ago. Thanks

  12. In an article headlined as stay or go you decided to upload a picture of Wentz. Kelce, & Sanders. Honest mistake on your part? Or the Boyertown/West Virginia education shining through?

  13. Do your homework, “expert”…

    Jordan Howard is in no position to land a big contract. There was no trade market for him last year, as the Bears gave him away. This year he enters free agency coming off of an injury.

    Comparable free agents to Howard a year ago would be Tevin Coleman and Mark Ingram, who both received modest deals in a league that doesn’t over value running backs.

    Howard can easily be retained for a modest price.

  14. Also, “expert” i can’t help but notice your picture for this article features Miles Sanders, Carson Wentz, and Jason Kelce….none of whom are set to be free agents.


    That’s pretty lazy even by your regular copy/paste standards…

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