This is One of the Most Audacious Sports Radio Calls, Ever

Sports Radio 94 WIP moved into their new studios on Thursday.

Beautiful building on 24th and Market, the Aramark location right on the Schuylkill River with great views of 30th Street Station and University City. The entire cluster of local Entercom stations, which includes KYW News Radio and Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, is now housed in this location, which doubles as a national headquarters for the company.

On their first day at the new office, Jon Marks and Ike Reese were treated to one of the best calls I’ve heard in recent years, with a guy named Chris justifying the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing by comparing it to World War II:


“I am pro Astros on this. I mean, listen, the United States, we deciphered the Germans and the Japanese and guess what? We won. That’s the whole thing about being American; you gotta get an edge over your opponent. And the other teams are stupid for not changing up their signs. This is just American. It’s just crazy that this is even an argument.”

Damn man. This is an absolute scorcher of a take.

I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with Chris, however. It’s worth pointing out that the difference between baseball and World War II is that one is a game and the other is literally a matter of life and death. If the Astros lose the ALCS, they play again next year. If we lose World War II, Adolf Hitler is running the show. So to draw a parallel there is what we’d call “a stretch.”

Plus, we didn’t decipher the German code, that was the British. Dude named Alan Turing. They did a movie about him not long ago. I do, however, believe we get credit for cracking the Japanese codes, but perhaps a World War II historian can slide into the comments section and help me out.

But good on Chris for thinking outside the box.



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  1. I can back up the caller’s argument. America had the Windtalkers, the Native Americans who created a new code with Native language specifically so the Nazis couldn’t decipher our code. The rest of MLB should’ve had their own version of Windtalkers!

  2. The scandal is blatant cheating, as bad as steroids. There is a big difference between a guy on second base peering in to see what the catcher is flashing, versus filming it, sending a signal by bashing trash cans and using electronic buzzers. Those involved are getting what they deserved. Apparently, Jessica Mendoza is a proponent of the Jimmy Conway Rules of Life: 1) Always keep your mouth shut; 2) Never rat on your friends.

  3. There is nothing I love better than Being stuck in traffic on the blue route & heading Shirley yelling or crying

  4. Not only did Turing crack the Nazi code he came up with a machine that was the predecessor to the first computers. His reward? Being prosecuted by his country and forced to be chemically castrated for being gay. He later committed suicide. Mankind, never wasting an opportunity to be complete shitheads.

  5. Err ahhhhhh it’s like the Pat’s. So we new ya playes in the super bowl. Don’t be such fackin pussys about it. It was a wicked pissah.

  6. Johnny Marks really let himself go I mean he looks absolutely terrible and should try working in a salad or two.

    1. He told a story once that he went to Outback by himself while in Vegas, ate a meal and then went out to dinner at STK with Sixers brass a couple hours later. The ole’ steak appetizer, 60% of the time, it works every time.

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