Where Do You Stand While Waiting for Your Wawa Order?

via Twitter (Wawa)

Russ sent this to me with only three words of instructions:

“this is post”

No clue where this graphic originated, but is is, indeed, post worthy, and it asks an important question –

When you order an item from Wawa, where do you stand while waiting for it? Here are your choices:

I’m option #2. I stand at the coffee island, near the end of it, where you put your straws and extra sugar packets and stuff like that in the trash can. Being in front of the sandwich counter is indeed a little weird, but you can’t stand too far back, or else you won’t hear them call your number. I also like to keep an eye on the sandwich makers to see if they’ve started on my item yet.

Of course, this will vary by location. My local Wawa is, unfortunately, the Aramingo Avenue one, which is a total shit show. Oftentimes you just stand wherever you can find room, since there’s typically 100 people in there at a time. But in a typical Wawa, I’d stand at either of these areas:

There are no wrong choices here. Unless you’re choosing Sheetz.

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25 Responses

  1. I stand in a corner, keeping a close eye on the door for a marauding group of feral teenagers about to ransack the store.

  2. If you order any food item at the kiosk at Wawa – you are a psychopath. Wawa is good for soda’s, chips, tastykakes, sizzli’s, and hash browns. The food that is prepared sucks. Give me a Royal Frams any day of the week

  3. There are 100s of great deli’s in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas and you all still getting generic Wawa sandwiches?

  4. I go to every article that mentions Wawa and say how it sucks, i go to any article mentioning Pat’s or Geno’s and say they suck, and any article that mentions WIP i mock people that still listen to it and point out how super-successful i am because i can afford $12 a month for Sirius.

  5. I stand by the hot dogs and see how many I can wolf down without getting caught while I wait for my salad with “light” dressing.

  6. The DEA agents enter Edward Norton’s/Monty Brogans apartment already tipped off where the drugs and money are hidden. Agent Flood cuts open the sofa and pulls out the drugs and says “Sheeeetz”.

  7. Yeah why would anyone go to Sheetz, except better food, more options, and shorter lines? But hey, I’m glad trendhoppers love Wawa. Keeps them from clogging up places that sell actual food.

  8. As someone who grew up two blocks from the first ever wawa in history located in delco, I’d gladly take sheetz any day. Wawa is overrated as hell by delco crumbs. The lunch meat is disgusting and you’re a complete freak if you put anything from their deli or kitchen in your mouth.

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