What keeps Markelle Fultz going” is the name of a story currently appearing on Bleacher Report.

Interested in the topic, I clicked on the link, only to find a bunch of nonsense right off the top, in piece that begins like this:

Some mornings, Markelle Fultz would lie in his bed and just think. Think, think, think. He couldn’t help it. The thoughts would swarm his mind as he tried to swat each one away.

Am I ever going to play basketball again?

“I didn’t want to wake up, go to workouts,” Fultz says. “I just wanted to lie there and sleep.”

Sleep would provide a temporary escape from the gnawing reality that he could not lift his arms above his head, he could not shoot jump shots, he could not stop the entire city of Philadelphia from hating him, and he could not for the life of him figure out what was wrong with his shoulder.

The part in bold is total nonsense.

This fan base gave Markelle Fultz all the support in the world when he first started playing for the Sixers. I was in the building when he was cheered simply for attempting a three point shot. Philly wanted Markelle to succeed, they stuck with him through a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, and then a significant portion of people decided to give up when he ultimately exited the lineup in November of 2018.

Yeah, there was a lot of scrutiny surrounding Markelle and his hitch, his wonky shot and baffling start to NBA life.  There were tense moments between reporters and portions of the fan base that felt like we were being too harsh on him, which was a weird time period back then. You probably remember the video clip of Markelle staring straight forward and refusing to answer basic questions about what happened to his shoulder, and all of that crapola only made the situation even more strenuous. But the overarching theme was in-person support, and despite all of the shit that was said about him on Twitter and in the media, he was certainly backed by the vast majority of people actually watching him play at the Wells Fargo Center.

Carry on.