Booing and Shushing: Brett Brown Has No Problem With “Uniquely Aggressive” Philadelphia

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Shush gate?

Not really. It’s not that big of a deal.

Joel Embiid putting his fingers to his lips and mouthing “shut the fuck up” is just an athlete hearing the boos and then clapping back, as I wrote this morning. Ben Simmons, Bryce Harper, and countless others have been down this road before with Philly sports fans.

Today Brett Brown talked about Embiid’s Sunday gesture and didn’t make much of it at all, in typical Brett fashion:

“Uniquely aggressive” is a good way to put it.

It’s not aggressive in a bad way, necessarily, it’s just a way for fans to communicate to players that they aren’t cutting it right now. They know, and Joel Embiid knows, that he can play better. There certainly can be some assholes out there, but those same people who boo you will typically change their tune and provide a standing ovation when you start playing to the level of your capabilities again. That goes for the team and coach as well.


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  2. The guy used to own up to playing bad and say “I sucked” after a game. Not anymore. Embiid has gotten soft in the wrong city.

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