Good morning.

Cleveland radio host Tony Grossi is suspended indefinitely for calling Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield a “fucking midget” on a hot mic. Here’s the video, which shows hosts Aaron Goldhammer and Tony Rizzo at the NFL Combine, then you can hear Grossi’s voice come in around the 28 second mark:

It’s a little hard to hear, but it goes something like this:

“Wentz, Watson, keep it going.”


“Mahomes. And now burrow.”

“And who do we got? a fucking midget.” 

Said ESPN Cleveland in a statement:

“We are aware of Tony Grossi’s statement about Baker Mayfield. The term Tony used is a derogatory slur to describe Little People. Good Karma Brands will not tolerate derogatory language that demeans others or groups of people.”

Apparently Grossi is the same guy who asked Mayfield a series of questions back in October, which resulted in him walking out of a press conference.

Grossi apologized for the hot mic incident:

If anybody cares, Mayfield is listed at 6’1″. Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson are both shorter. There ya go.