Good find here from Kyle Neubeck at Philly Voice, who was reading actual basketball stories while I was sifting through FCC Super Bowl complaints.

It’s an article at Basketball Insiders, written by Spencer Davies, who spoke to recent Sixers acquisition Glenn Robinson III. The 26-year-old wing talks about his trade from Golden State to Philadelphia and touches on the difficulty of picking up and moving across the country at a moment’s notice.

Interestingly enough, he also admitted straight-up that he doesn’t know what his role is on this Sixers team:

“Even when (Golden State) played Philly, I showed them what I could do,” Robinson told Basketball Insiders. “So to play those consistent minutes a night and perform well… that’s the most disappointing part about coming here is that — both of us (him an Alec Burks) are coming off career years where we’re looking at hopefully big numbers after the season. I know I’ve got a family to feed. So you think about all those things.”

“All those things play a role, and then when you come here and your role’s not really explained or you don’t know what’s going on with the trade – it’s not like it was a trade where you come in and immediately have an impact. It’s a little different, so… this team is full of wings, full of guys who can play. So really, I don’t really understand it. But it’s a business, you’ve got to make it happen and go out and try to do your best every night.”

Robinson’s role should be pretty easily understood. He was brought here to make three pointers and play defense. So far he’s done none of the former, going 0-9 from deep over the course of six games, post-trade.

In 48 games with Golden State, he was averaging 31.6 minutes while shooting 40% on 3.5 three point attempts per game.

In six games with Philadelphia, he’s averaging 14.5 minutes while shooting 0% on 1.5 three point attempts per game.

Of course it’s difficult to adjust to a new team, new city, and new setting, but his role isn’t very complicated. Hit some shots, play defense, give the Sixers some punch off the bench or in the starting lineup, which he’s twice been a part of.