I can’t believe how much coverage the Phillie Phanatic is getting right now, but I can’t stop doing these stories. I won’t stop.

Why? Because journalism. That’s why.

Amid intense criticism from both local fans and his creators, the Phillie Phanatic has had a few rough days. Has to be hard to have the people who helped make you just come out of the woodwork and call you an “affront” to fans everywhere.

Fortunately for the Phanatic, he has some good friends that know how to pick a guy up when he’s down. Enter Gritty, who at tonight’s Flyers game stood in solidarity with the Phanatic during some tough times:

“Nobody talks jazz on my friend. No one.”

You’re god damn right, Gritty. I respect it.

Here he is, equipped with the blue fuzz and purple (stars?) liner around his eyes, in action:

This sort of reminds me of that scene from Billy Madison where Billy pees his pants to bail out that kid who had an accident on the field trip. “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.

As you know, good karma got Billy Veronica Vaughn. Maybe the Flyers will get Gritty another win.