Jessica Mendoza signed a contract extension with ESPN today, which also saw her resign from her role as New York Mets advisor.

As previously reported by Andrew Marchand, she was also taken off of Sunday Night Baseball, but will remain on ESPN to call weekday games and fill a variety of other baseball roles.

In turn, Howard Eskin, who made a career out of calling other people “dopes,” “morons,” and “nitwits,” took to Twitter to rip Mendoza, calling her “brutal” while also asking for “A-Roid” (Alex Rodriguez) to be removed from the Sunday night broadcast.

However, Howard tagged the wrong Mendoza two times in a row, first insulting a woman who works as a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor:

That resulted in this response from the reporter:

Realizing the mistake, Howard corrected himself, this time tagging “Jessica Mendiza,” who is a Twitter egg with zero followers:

But “third time’s the charm,” as they say, and The King got it all straightened out:

Eskin, by the way, was cleared of accusations that he wears a Super Bowl ring that he himself purchased. The results of a Crossing Broad investigation revealed that Howard was, indeed, given that ring by the Eagles, who wanted to take care of each member of their radio team.

Separately, Howard did purchase a ring, which was not for him, but given as a gift instead. That’s the important distinction we were able to make, en route to winning a Pulitzer Prize.