“I’m Sick About It,” Says Howie Roseman of Jadeveon Clowney Hit on Carson Wentz

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I know; everybody has moved on from the Jadeveon Clowney/Carson Wentz incident.

The hit was late, Clowney led with his helmet, and Carson was tripped up before contact. Unfortunate things happen in football games.

We didn’t hear about the play from Howie Roseman, however, and the Eagles’ general manager offered his take this morning on 94 WIP, which I have deemed relevant and worthy of a post:

“We thought that was a foul. We’re sick to our stomach about the way the season ended for our team, for Carson in particular, but we’re not in a position to lose draft picks, dude. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. So you’re gonna get me in a situation where I’m gonna say something and I’m gonna lose draft picks, we’re gonna lose money, we’re gonna get fined. I can’t do that. That doesn’t make sense either because it doesn’t put us back in time. I don’t have that Back to the Future time machine that I can go back and change it. I’m sick about it. Doug (Pederson) is sick about it. Jeffrey (Lurie) is sick about it. Our whole organization is sick about it. We’re there, we have a home playoff game, eight plays in. Come on, you know that. There’s no disconnect. We’re sick about it. It should have been a foul.”

Howie also talked about some other stuff, which you can listen to below:

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6 Responses

  1. Oh boo hoo boo hoo. Marshmallow head got hurt and the league hates us blah blah blah…. It was a perfectly clean and legal hit which is why he didn’t get penalized, fined or suspended. I remember last year after the Saints-Rams non PI call Angelo and the rest of the losers said the Saints fans should “get over it”. Yet here we are almost two months later and they are all crying about it. What a hypocrite. Similar to when he bad mouths odubel herrera but has been praising kobe bryant for the last month

    1. hahaha I’m loving the Kobe love. Now anytime going forward when “woke” kevin champions womens rights we get to slam dunk his drooling and hero worship of Kobe right in his face. Screen shotting is awesome

  2. Angelo speaks for us & I want to personally thank him for getting the answer

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