Joel Embiid on Instagram: “You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain”

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This isn’t great. Joel Embiid took to Instagram Monday night and dropped a Harvey Dent quote from The Dark Knight:

Perhaps to soften the blow, he included “#TheProcess” and make the location “All Love”. But still, this isn’t the kind of thing that’ll endear himself to fans who openly complained about shushing the Wells Fargo Center faithful, including telling someone -he said himself- to “shut the f*** up.” To make matters worse (?) former Sixer and friend of Embiid, Jimmy Butler responded to the post leading to this exchange:

Not great. Is it a huge troll job? Maybe. Are we seeing the downfall of the process, where Embiid demands a trade to Miami? Doubtful. Hopefully doubtful.


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  1. downfall of The Process? LOL, hate to break the news, Rip van Obvious, but that ship has sailed. We started with a mediocre team that would lose in the second round of the playoffs, tanked for four years, and got a team that is well on its way to its third consecutive early playoff exit, this year probably we don’t even win round one. Certainly we’re still not making it out of round 2. Whether Joel stays or goes is immaterial really, we won’t win without him but we won’t win with him either. Oh, just ignore me and keep on Trustin’ Da Process.

    1. All those years of losing on purpose for what, an overweight, disgruntled Embiid? A guard who can’t shoot a b-ball? Tobias Harris as the big free agent signing? Two entire seasons wasted ON PURPOSE to draft Okafor & Fultz ( HaHa!!)? No draft capital? This team is a perennial 2nd Rd loser, the exact thing the Process was undertaken to not be. 100%, unequivocal, failure the Process was.

  2. He’s getting tired of the philly nightlife and the fact that he has a PG who won’t shoot. Can’t blame a guy for wanting to live it up in South Beach. Going to be damn near impossible to work out a trade with Miami unless you involve other teams. Sounds crazy to trade him, but i think he wants out once Brown gets fired. That will be what does for him. He’s slowly lost faith in this organization ever since Hinkie was exiled

    1. Simmons has his faults but he is not the reason Embiid is out of shape and doesnt play hard on a consistent basis. Reggie Miller during the Bucks game laid into Embiid. His body language and behavior is a problem. This season should be treated as a waste and moving Embiid this summer should be a priority

      1. i don’t mean to put it all on Simmons. Embiid was fun when he got here and it was great when he actually got on the court, but his act is starting to wear thin and you just wonder how many actual good years he has left in him and whether the Sixers are shrewd enough to deal him when they could potentially get back a plethora of talented shooters/players to surround Simmons with who is looking like the guy to build this team around going forward for the next 8-10 years.

    2. All of you should have lost faith then too. Since then, you’ve had the worst front office in the league (still including Colangelo stooges to this day, btw) and low-key one of the worst owners in the league. I think soyboy Joy is wrong on this one. It is a great thing for the best player to get on a lifeboat instead of staying on the sinking ship .

  3. See you later schmuck and enjoy South Beach with your butt buddy. He plays hard whenever he feels like it and then expects this fanbase to stand by him. If Elton Brand has any sense he has to move Embiid this Summer. He wants to play in Miami we need a first, Bam Adebayo, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro.

    1. Can you even make that trade? Don’t the salary figures have to be within a certain % for each team. I like Herro and Robinson for obvious reasons, but Adebayo is kind of redundant of the issue now with Horford. Horford is already one of the worst contracts in the NBA and idk how anyone trades for him, so i think he is here for at least a few more seasons. And a Miami 1st would have to be somewher down the line because anything in the near future is worthless. The teams would have to get another franchise involved.

  4. The only thing this team will succeed in, is getting their coach fired. Then Jojo loses his enabler and Simmons loses his daddy’s good buddy. Who knows what follows, but it won’t be a championship.

    1. I hate it, but this is probably the right take. This team is trading neither of these fools. They’re all in, for better or worse. Could still be great if they hire the right coach.

  5. Someone please explain to this idiot the difference between “seeing yourself become the villain” and “making yourself the villain”. And by the way, you have made $73 million in 6 years, with another $95 mil on the way, all by playing 215 of a possible 486 games. Life is sooo hard. Just shut up and play….or don’t play, but still shut up.

  6. This millennial head-case needs to be traded while he still has value left. His mental game is as weak as his physical state.

  7. Trade embiid this summer . That fucking lazy pig will be out of the league within 3 years. Embiid will be on a beach Sipping a frozen drink with some Caucasian Instagram model .

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