Josh Richardson got a lot of praise a few months back when calling for “accountability” from his Philadelphia 76ers teammates. That message was received well from fans and media who felt like he was standing up and trying to show leadership on a team that featured a couple of young superstars and some veteran newcomers to the squad.

Last night he dropped something similar, something that we’d also lump into the “maturity and responsibility” category. He came out after the pitiful Cleveland loss and said that the Sixers need to show some heart tonight at home against New York.

Here’s the locker room clip, which comes via NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Anybody else find it somewhat ironic that he’s saying this while wearing an Arsenal hoodie? Talk about a team with no heart. They always have a ton of talent but find ways to come up short. Arsenal really is the perfect overseas comparison to a lot of Philadelphia teams, be it this year’s Sixers, the Eagles ‘Dream Team,’ or any number of disappointing Phillies squads post 2009.

On a more serious note, it’s good to hear these things from Richardson, but they really need more from him on the floor. I’m sure he’d agree with that notion and admit that he can play better. He’s shooting 29.2% from three and 37% from the floor in the month of February. He’s averaging 9.4 pointson 10 shots per game. He’s not getting to the foul line. Without Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the heart and accountability will have to come from him, Tobias Harris, and Al Horford tonight.