NBC is Bringing Premier League Fan Fest to Philadelphia


This is kind of a like a College Gameday for Premier League fans.

NBC’s traveling fan fest is coming to Philadelphia on April 4th and 5th and will be based at Dilworth Park, right in front of City Hall.

Some details via my guy Jonathan Tannenwald at the Inquirer:

Fans will be able to watch from early Saturday morning into the afternoon, then again on Sunday morning and afternoon. There will be a free-of-charge ticketed area (click here for details), but anyone will be welcome to attend.

Philadelphia will be the sixth city to which NBC has brought its Premier League shows, and it’s a natural destination. This market has a history of good EPL TV ratings, and of course it’s the home of NBC’s corporate parent Comcast.

The choice of Dilworth Park is a surprise, though. Comcast owns a natural event space in Xfinity Live, but NBC wanted a downtown location.

I can get down with the fan fest. NBC just started doing these last year I believe, so the idea is still new. These types of events do attract some Euro snobs, which is unfortunate, but it’s a showcase event for soccer, so it’s all good in my book.

(Euro snobs are soccer fans who watch the foreign game but won’t support MLS, i.e. the guy who goes to Misconduct Tavern wearing his Arsenal jersey but can’t be arsed to watch the Philadelphia Union)

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