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With the NHL trade deadline fast approaching, it’s beginning to look like General Manager Chuck Fletcher might stand pat, which might end up being the right move. The Flyers have gone 13-5-1 since a disastrous six-game post-Christmas road trip. Is it really worth parting with a prospect and a pick for a rental player to solidify the team’s bottom six forward corps? Probably not. That leads us to a guy that many want to see back sooner than later, former #2 overall pick Nolan Patrick.

Patrick’s been tough to get a quote from as he’s worked his way back from a preseason migraine disorder diagnosis, but he made an appearance on NBC Sports Philadelphia in what could be best described as an awkward encounter with Bill Clement:


Clement: This migraine condition you’ve had, I know it has to be tough to deal with. Tell us about where you are. I know you’re having full practices, but if the progression keeps going the way you wanted to go what’s the next step?

Patrick: Yeah, I’m back skating with the team now, so, obviously that’s nice when you’re away from as long as I’ve been so it’s nice to back with them and there’s no real next step, I’m just trying to do everything I can to get back in the lineup as soon as I can so I guess I’ll see.

Clement: You’ve had to watch a lot of hockey this season so pick one of these that best describes you when you’re watching: bored, frustrated, or learning and enjoying.

Patrick: Probably a little bit of all those honestly. You never want to watch. It’s obviously frustrating being out this long, where you’re by yourself a lot and not around the team too much, so that part’s boring so I guess a bit of everything.

Clement: Can you learn anything from watching? I mean, at some point when you keep watching and watching and watching you may be relearning stuff, but can you learn from watching?

Patrick: Yeah you can learn for sure. Obviously there are certain players on other teams that I like to watch when we’re playing them and just trying to support my team as much as I can while I’m not on the ice.

Clement: So we don’t know what’s going to happen with this migraine disorder there is a chance though you could play this season?

Patrick: Yeah, for sure.

Clement: That has to be the goal right?

Patrick: Yeah, that’s the goal. It’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with anything like this so hopefully this year. That’s what I’m pushing for.

Clement: Just out of curiosity, for people that don’t know, and I think I know the answer to this, but many people might not. Whose call is it? Is it yours, the doctors’, the trainers’? Is it a group decision about if and when you come back?

Patrick: Yeah, it’s a group decision. Obviously it comes down to how I’m feeling, and no one knows exactly how I’m feeling, so I guess I make the final call at the end of the day, but it’s more of a group decision.

While I’ve been adamant that I do not see Nolan Patrick as a guy who will make an impact this season, the thought is tantalizing to many. Admittedly, if he were able to get himself into game shape, including a multi-week stint with the Phantoms without any setbacks or migraines, he could be a big boost as a third line center.

Anthony and I will have more on this today on Snow The Goalie today from 5-6PM on 610 ESPN Philadelphia.

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    1. Yep. John Buccigross over at ESPN just listed his top-20 all-time American-born NHL players. #1 was Patrick-freaking-Kane and JVR wasn’t even on the list. He wouldn’t be on the top-100 list, either. Talk about getting screwed by the lottery and then making a bad pick on top of it.

  1. Heiskanen, Makar, Peterson selected 3, 4 and 5. The Flyers version of Evan Turner. What a wasted pick.

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