Pete Rose has been banned from baseball for more than 30 years now, permanently listed as ineligible after it was found that he bet on the sport while managing the Reds back in the 1980s.

There’s been quite a bit of cheating that’s taken place since then, from steroids to sign stealing and everything else in between. People who did that stuff, however, aren’t banned for life.

That’s the argument Rose and his lawyers make in a 20-page document that was sent to Rob Manfred’s office, explaining that his punishment is totally disproportionate to what’s been levied against other rule breakers, like the Houston Astros.

In part, they write this, via ESPN:

Reversing Rose’s ban would make him eligible for the Hall of Fame. Rose admitted in 2004 to betting on baseball and has apologized.

Manfred denied Rose once already, back in 2015.

You tell me; Pete Rose reinstatement – yay or nay?