Radio Caller “Mike” Wants Sixers to Trade “Worthless, Fat” Joel Embiid

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There are a lot of opinions out there.

Here’s one from a Sixers fan:

“I want them to lose now. I don’t want them to win with these two. I want these losers to never win.”

I have no comment.


11 Responses

  1. lots of people feel this way because this team is unlikeable to the extreme. Ben is an entitled brat who was given a max contract for accomplishing exactly nothing and refuses to listen to the pleas of his coach, Embiid is a soft bully, immature baby, oft-injured drama queen and ten other bad things I don’t have time to type, Horford is old and takes the fans to task, Harris is vastly overpaid, the coach blames the philly fans for everything he does wrong, the front office is the worst in pro sports outside of dan snyder, the team tanked for four seasons to acheive exactly ZERO, and on and on. I hate this team and so do my friends and coworkers. Get it now?

  2. I mean Embiid is soft as fuck. Simmons is soft as fuck. And Browns head is soft as fuck like the top of a newborn.

  3. What insane asylum, did loser Mike escape from?

  4. Why post this? Why amplify the voice of the craziest people? Very few people agree with this man. But when sites like this post comments like this as if they are somehow news it gives a level of credibility to thoughts and opinions that do not deserve it. This is the equivalent of overhearing the rambling drunk guy at the bar and posting his stream of consciousness onto the front page of a newspaper.

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