Don’t tell the maestro, but those rumors of the Knicks’ interest in Villanova head coach are popping up again. Per Forbes, league sources say the Knicks’ new president Leon Rose, who has ties to South Jersey and the Philadelphia native, has his eye on Wright:

I’ve gone out of my way for years to jab our fearless leader with any rumors and reports of Wright leaving for the NBA. While Kyle Scott himself has pined for the Nova coach to take over for Brett Brown with the Sixers, I’ve often pointed out comments that Wright has made over the years about the atmosphere at Madison Square Garden, the history of the Knicks, and the New York market as a whole.

Heck, back in 2018 when he reportedly declined an interview with the Knicks, Wright said:

It’s not that you’re not interested, I just don’t want to leave… It’s the Knicks. You love the Garden, you love New York City, you love the Knicks. I just know I don’t want to leave Villanova. You would love that opportunity, that challenge, especially in New York, especially the Knicks, but you have to leave your job, and I love my job.

The emphasis there was my doing, but you get the point. At some point, you have to think the 58-year-old would want to try his hand at the pro game before retiring. Could he continue to build a powerhouse with national title aspirations every year? Of course. But imagine being the guy who turns around the Knicks, and takes them back to being a destination for free agents, rather than the butt of a Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving joke.

With all of this renewed interest coming out, could it have anything to do with Wright listing his massive home on the market?

For what it’s worth, I almost feel bad for Knicks fans, who had a 66% chance of getting one of either Zion Williamson or Ja Morant, but ended up with the #3 overall pick instead. RJ Barrett isn’t getting it done as the face of the organization.