I thought the Super Bowl halftime show was fantastic.

Shakira still has it. J-Lo still has it. They pretty much killed it down there in Miami.

Some folks weren’t happy though, telling the Federal Communications Commission that the performance was racy, smutty, and/or inappropriate for children. 1,312 complaints were sent to the FCC, which are public record, and over at WFAA television in Dallas, they put every single one of those complaints in a PDF file and uploaded it to their website.

I’m scrolling through the submissions right now and here are some of the more enjoyable ones:

Ticket: # 3795150 – Super bowl halftime JLo
Date: 2/2/2020 10:23:54 PM
City/State/Zip: Clearwater, Florida 33767
Company Complaining About: Spectrum
You have allowed the extreme objectivity of women as sexual eye candy for your male football
viewers into my living room while watching with my adolescent daughters. This is disgusting. It was
obvious after Shakira’s beautiful performance that JLo had to use selling sex to look good. She , you,
the NFL should be ashamed. The solution: don’t do it again.

Here’s another comment:

Ticket: # 3795374 – Super Bowl Halftime Show
Date: 2/3/2020 4:42:39 AM
City/State/Zip: Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543
Seriously? Half-naked women on stage with stripper poles performing simulated sex acts. There was
no content warning just right there. Try explaining to 9-year-old about stripper poles. This is beyond
absurd that you guys do absolutely nothing. Why does you organization even exist? I tuned in to
watch a football game and ended up trying to shy away from the topic of strippers! The haltime show
violated every decency law in my state and hometown. Seriously!

Comment three:

Ticket: # 3795377 – Super Bowl halftime show 2020
Date: 2/3/2020 4:44:43 AM
City/State/Zip: Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
Jennifer Lopez’s outfit was disgusting, her dancing belongs in a strip club, not on primetime tv! The
entire show was unfit for tv and violates the fcc rules that were made clear after the 2004 halftime

Comment four:

Date: 2/3/2020 5:11:56 AM
City/State/Zip: Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
I had to send my kids OUT OF THE ROOM because of the outrageous, offensive, sexually explicit
outfits, pole dancing, and sexual performance of the Super Bowl Halftime by JLo and Shakira. This is
WAY beyond what should be considered appropriate for a national family program. I’m ashamed.

I’d argue that the Super bowl is not a “national family program,” but whatever.

Comment five made me laugh out loud:

Ticket: # 3795390 – Super Bowl Halftime Shoe
Date: 2/3/2020 5:52:00 AM
City/State/Zip: Madison, Mississippi 39110
The halftime show last night was beyond inappropriate. Shakira laying on her side gyrating like sex,
Lopez on a stripper pole, Lopez bending over to expose her butt crack, both performers grabbing
their vaginas, Shakira grinding her butt against some tinfoil wearing man’s penis. This was incredibly
offensive. My children were watching.

“Super Bowl Halftime Shoe,” this person wrote in the subject line. Makes the comment even better.

Comment six:

Ticket: # 3795424 – Superbowl 1/2-Time Show
Date: 2/3/2020 7:18:43 AM
City/State/Zip: Hazel Crest, Illinois 60429
Company Complaining About: Fox
That was a disgusting display allowed of something that our children can’t un see!!!
Strip clubs have that crap with sluts performing like this! This is soft porn! Fine the NFL or stop the
HALFTIME shows! Beyond INAPPROPRIATE!!! Honoring a dog killer now THIS! BOYCOTTING THE

Comment seven:

Ticket: # 3799690 – Super Bowl Halftime show
Date: 2/3/2020 7:34:01 PM
City/State/Zip: North Ogden, Utah 84414
classless, crass, deplorable show with Political Overtones. I don’t want my kids looking at J-Lo’s Ass
for 30 mins!

Comment eight refers to a woman named “Sharika”:

Ticket: # 3799746 – Super bowl 54 Half Time show
Date: 2/3/2020 7:47:31 PM
City/State/Zip: Pataskala, Ohio 43062
Fox TV and NBC should be fined and publicly made to apologize to the American people for the Half
time show that was allowed to air!
Jennifer Lopez and “Sharika” simulated sex acts by wiggly their tongue; shaking their tits and azzes
and wrapping a rope around their throat to glorify S&M, suicide, or whatever other evil intent popped
into their minds!
After the airing of this pornographic show, human trafficked sex slaves were in greater demand!
Hundreds of female sex workers were undoubtedly transported to the Miami area in windowless vans
and tractor trailers to “service” the Super Bowl visitors!
The FCC has sunk to a record low! To allow the sexual objectification of females during a family
viewing time slot! You should all be ashamed!

Comment nine:

Ticket: # 3799790 – Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show
Date: 2/3/2020 7:55:48 PM
City/State/Zip: ., New York 13057
Company Complaining About: Spectrum
Jennifer Lopez’s pole dance and “crotch” closeup shots during the Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show
was inappropriate for every viewing age. If a woman wearing what she was wearing slid down a pole
provocatively and opened her legs to my 9 year old son in person, I would have her arrested for
sexual abuse. Her new “Hustler’s” movie has a rating of “R”. R rated content is not for national TV
that elementary school age children are watching. The Halftime show needs to be toned down in the

Comment ten:

Ticket: # 3800215 – JLo’s disgusting Superbowl performance
Date: 2/3/2020 9:50:53 PM
City/State/Zip: Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923
I found it quite disturbing to see JLo’s ass and crotch shots on last night’s Superbowl performance.
We all know she gorgeous but did we really need to subjected to that kind of TV porn especially
during a family event watching the Superbowl? Honestly is that what young girls are supposed to
think about how they should look & act in public? And that’s ok with everyone? Well not ok with me.
Please stop putting disgusting girating, crotch grabbing, humping and orgys on public TV during
prime time.

“We all know she gorgeous, but…”

You can read every single complaint by clicking on this link.