“Somebody Has Got to Take Some Hits,” Says Larry Bowa of Astros Players

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The Houston Astros cheated and then basically brushed it aside, offering some half-hearted and meandering apologies at a trainwreck of a Thursday press conference.

As such, the topic of revenge has been discussed, with the idea that Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve and others are gonna have to be extra alert inside the batter’s box this year, since opposing pitchers have a chance to express their displeasure with the sign stealing scandal.

Via Bob Brookover the Inquirer, here’s Larry Bowa on the topic:

“Why wouldn’t you do anything about it? I’m not saying hit them in the head. I don’t want anybody to get killed, but hit somebody in the ribs and say, ‘If you want to keep doing it, we’re going to keep drilling you.’ That will stop it. Believe me, guys don’t want to get hit. But nobody did anything.”

“I’ll be shocked if some pitchers do not drill some of these guys this year,” he said. “If that doesn’t happen, this game has really changed. I know it has changed, but somebody has got to take some hits. Hit them in the ribs, hit them in the leg, whatever you have to do, but let them know you’re ticked off about what happened. What are they going to do? They can’t do a [bleeping] thing. They should be embarrassed by it all. They need to come out and say, ‘You know what, we made a big-time mistake.’ The way they are handling it is brutal.”

Gotta say, I agree with Bowa 100%. Sometimes the “unwritten rules” of baseball can be a little corny, but in this case, the Astros probably deserve every fastball that comes their way.

Not trying to kill anybody, as Bowa says, but there’s a message to be sent in a very demonstrative way.


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  1. Two of us were assigned to break the code of the opposing teams signal every game in high school , it’s a part of the game. Wake up knuckleheads. Evolve already! Standing on second base conveying the catchers signals was common. Third base coach challenge was to conceal. That’s a problem?

  2. Must have a woke topic everyday that has nothing to do with sports.

    1. Mikey is a dichotomy. He’s Woke, but also a badass who can handle himself quite well. He will beat your ass if you piss him off, even though he’s a Social Justice Warrior.

  3. how come no one drilled Sosa, Bonds, McGwire, or AROD, etc when they were all cheating? The unwritten rules of baseball are ancient. Time to move on. When those rules were “unwritten”, guys weren’t making $40 million a year…

    1. i really don’t think many of the players give a damn about roids. A-rod got plunked back in 2013 by Ryan Dempster, but that was also his 2nd time getting busted and A-rod likely roided up most of his career but was only suspended for the 2014 season.

  4. With the possible exception of the WIP Morning Show, Go Birds Radio has the most annoying callers out of any show in the city.

  5. Don’t know why but I feel great satisfaction. Happy Valentines Day beoootch.

  6. No doubt WIPs days are numbered. Their ratings have tanked. The Fanatic dominates every time slot. People in the know are talking about the Fanatic getting the Eagles games next year. It’s a wrap bro.

  7. I learned so much from sonny this morning on the living room.
    The man is packed with knowledge.
    Did you know he took the lint out of wilt Chamberlain’s hair before his photoshoot of him palming 2 bowlingballs?
    Sonny has stories for days….
    Did you know he squeezed the lemon in Little Richard’s tea sometimes before he went in the booth?
    The man is a legend

    1. Sonny Hill is definitely a Legend…..just axt him.

  8. Why aren’t we getting more reactions from current & former Astro pitchers, like Jason Verlander. I’d love to hear his opinion of the situation. Apparently Dusty Baker has notified MLB of potential blow back as described here by Bowa. I imagine Bowa isn’t the only one who feels like this.

  9. I heard that WIPs upper management is kicking themselves about letting Cuz leave. Cuz is crushing them in the ratings.

  10. Where’s Rowhome now? Trump getting the royal treatment in Daytona today. 180,000 people standing ovation has to be a record. MAGA ! KAGA!

    1. You seem very confused. There aren’t nearly that many people there. It’s half empty.
      They are NASCAR fans – usually uneducated smokers with “old ladies”. Of course they cheer for Agent Orange.

      FYI – I may look at Bloomberg but will be voting for Trump if any of the other Democrats get in.

      Trump is a childish idiot, but he is a capitalist. It’s ok to admit he is a moron with nicknames.

      Oh, and it can’t be a record – remember there were 580 million people at the inauguration. Ask Donny.

      Get an education Blaine. Lol. Blaine. Try to keep up.

    2. Trump is terrified to attend any event where he won’t be worshipped like a king.

  11. The radio industry trade papers are all over this WIP story. The general consensus is that they will be a top 40 station by June. This is unbelievable news.

    1. I watched NXT Take Over Portland instead of the African Tree Hockey Association All Star Game

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