South Philly Mom Eviscerates Ed Rendell Over Safe Injection Site

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In case you’re living under a rock and didn’t hear the news, this week a federal judge cleared the way for the nonprofit group “Safehouse” to open the country’s first supervised injection site at the corner of Broad and McKean in South Philadelphia. That’s the Passyunk Avenue intersection with the shopping center.

This a hot button issue here and in other cities. Actually, “hot button” is not the appropriate term. The argument is so heated that it’s like firing a volcano into the sun.

Long story short, supporters say these sites will help fight the city’s opioid epidemic, by providing a clean and sterile environment where medical professionals and social workers can attend to addicts. You’re basically trying to bring people in, get them off the street, and provide them the resources necessary to get clean.

Opponents argue that they don’t want druggies hanging around in Philly neighborhoods, congregating near kids, schools, shops, and whatnot. They argue that these sites only encourage illicit drug use.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is on the Safehouse board of directors, and today he was absolutely lambasted by a South Philly mother:

Anybody else find it ironic that a framed version of Rendell’s book, A Nation of Wusses, is hanging in the background? Talk about a juxtaposition.

This is just the beginning. The safe injection topic is one of the more splintered and divisive subjects in contemporary Philadelphia.


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  1. No fucking neighborhood in this city would want this in their backyard. Imagine all the assaults & car thefts . Another radical & ridiculous drunk Kenney & Girlie glasses Krasner plan. Let’s concentrate on the violence in our City & asbestos in our schools. Not legitimizing illicit drug use.

    1. I do. Desperately. There should be a few throughout the city. South Philly is my home and I’m sick of watching people passed out on the sidewalks. I’m sick of cleaning of drug paraphernalia at the community cleanups I organize. The fear people have is ignorance. People can’t get help if they’re dead. People can’t get help if they are on the streets, hiding in alleyways and behind cars. These are sons and daughters. It’s not just compassion, it’s proven by so much research. Do a simple google search on harm reduction services.

      1. My husband was an IV drug abuser. He is now clean and sober, but the hell we’ve lived through, I wish on NO ONE! We live in South Phila. Dont get it twisted, a safe injection site will not help anyone – except the people running it making money off of the taxes that support it. The reason they want it is to make the streets look cleaner. You know what would really help? Having actual rehabs in this city that will take you w any type of insurance and not toss you aside as another statistic. The only state funded rehab in South Phila is on Broad st between Snyder and McKean. At any given time you can go there and see the kid or the girl outside that sells suboxone and gives out “taste bags” w a little bit of heroin in it to try and hopefully you’ll be back for more. This is the shit that these money hungry pieces of shit dont see because they never bothered to look! If you’re in it, like we were you see it from the inside and know the real problems and why they dont get fixed. It’s all about the money. Always has been always will be. It’s disgusting.

  2. Leaders of the city are a disgrace. Need to get Joey back from boca to take back the neighborhood.

  3. This chick is pure south philly. Awesome. She totally dominated him. Just like Trump will dominate 2020!

  4. Looks like fast Eddie Rendell, has found a new and more devious way to make a buck; and unfortunately it’s at thee expense of those people from South Philly.

    In 5 years, that corner will sadly resemble the drug infested corner of Kensington and Allegheny.

    1. that’s a great point, in fact, it makes you wonder why they didn’t put this “Safehouse” there instead of South Philly…..

      1. Because the sheriff and his friends bought the homes in Kensington very cheap and now are rebuilding that section , they need the drug users to move so they can make more money. Sad but true

  5. Ed Rendell loves attention, he’s a complete whore when it comes to being on the stage. He recently said he has Parkinson’s disease; poor Eddie loves the limelight. I guess giving his dumbass opinions on the Eagles post-game show isn’t enough for the attention junkie. Total narcissist.

    Nothing worse than a retired politician who still craves to be relevant. Dumbbell Rendell should the junkies into his own house to shoot-up. He has Parkinson’s, so he won’t know what’s going on.

  6. Eddie loved his city hall bliwjobs back in the day.
    Hope south Philly homeowners are packing . Junkies will robbing the shit out of them for the next fix .

  7. It must be rough having to explain? Shelter? other people’s reality to a 6 and 10 year old.
    Is it so hard to explain that a very real amount of people in this world have made poor life decisions, and maybe some of those decisions could result in a hell so terrible?

    Oh wait… that is hard!

    Best we complain away our middle class white privilege to individuals who are literally trying any solution (no value judgement on whether it’s good or bad.)

    I’ve been reading about safe houses for months? years? in newspapers, heard it on the news, and the undertaking has even been tied up in in courts. SURPRISE oh wait the courts don’t do anything quickly. I guess it wasn’t that sneaky after all.

    Any sane individual wouldn’t want a safehouse in their neighborhood…
    It’s possible this person’s neighborhood is strong enough to support these individuals in need. Or maybe it’s comprised of weak minded, economically disadvantaged people and the entire (largely) gentrified neighborhood will go to hell. Who knows. The world this person’s children live in is a spectrum of success and failures even if those failures aren’t immediately next door. That doesn’t make the reality in Kensignton (20 minutes away) any less real.

    We may aim to prop up the American Dream with stories of universal successes always avoiding, at all costs, the reality of the disadvantaged.

    1. If someone is a productive member of society and has chosen a neighborhood to live in that is nice, then no they shouldn’t have to explain to their kids why drugged out losers are now hanging around. If you’re so high and mighty why don’t you invite all the druggies to come shoot up at your house and let them live there too while their at it.

    2. Just wondering why people that do not make poor decisions in life have to keep feeling sorry for the ones that do and changing the way they have to live because people that make poor decisions are now a burden to society? Why does it have to be white privilege? Why can’t it be a mother and a woman that is trying to raise her children in a healthy environment. If they want to put a safe injection site, they need to stick it in the middle of city hall so your career politicians and the mayor and DA of the city can see them every single day and do what needs to be done instead of pushing it farther and farther away from them so the rest of the law abiding tqxpaying citizens have to deal with the mess they created. Safe injection sites are doing nothing for the problem. It is just putting a bandaid on an epidemic. They have no clue what to do so they are looking for an easy way out and they think this is it.

      1. Absolutely…put this place in city hall or don’t do it at all. Don’t make the neighborhoods bare this burden.

      2. They cant put it in city hall or anywhere near center city. It would put a blemish on our beautiful city and it would hurt tourism. $$$. Why not have an actual rehab that helps people other than just doses out suboxone or methadone? $$$. Sadly – just like how crack in the 80s and 90s took down alot of the black population in inner cities, this is the white man’s curse. Heroin is coming for everybody. You need to get ahead of it or it will literally rob your soul or the souls of your loved ones! And the white middle class of inner cities is the perfect place to set up shop (i.e. south philly, fishtown, Kensington, etc.).

  8. There you go Philadelphia liberals. You voted for it now you can bask in it.

    Jim Kenney just turned your toilet City into a complete sewage treatment plant.

    Here’s a closing thought for all you lofty progressive lefty’s

    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Problem is, too many people sat on their butts instead of coming out and voting against Jim Kenny and DA Larry Krasner. Jim Kenny – 217,270 votes; Bill Ciancaglina – 53,269. Larry Krasner – 147,559 votes; Beth Grossman – 50,062 votes. Jim Kenny and Larry Krasner made their agendas loud and clear more than a year before the election. Kenny talked openly with Ed Rendell about having safe injection sites in Philadelphia. But robotic morons still marched blindly to the polls to vote these idiots in. others sat home and did nothing. And they’re just as much to blame. I hope to be leaving this toilet city in a few years. It’s only going to get worse. You’ll have more on welfare than those paying into it. Good luck.

      1. And this is the norm for every large city in this great country of ours , which by the way are are run by the democrats.

      2. The Dummycraps did it to them selves.
        They blame Trump for everything under the sun but, the idiots that ruined the city are the Democrats.
        They will underhandedly sneak crap into neighborhoods and, lie about it.
        The North East got shafted over a transportation hub being built. The top city officials got paid off on this.
        Properties will be devalued and, the infrastructure in that area can’t handle the tractor trailers that will be in the area.

  9. I implore this woman to call my show tomorrow, so I can help her evolve as a person. Nat, Ty, and myself will help her see the light.

    1. Mikey, Ty & Nat are always at my bar in the ‘Hood. Mikey is always flashing his money, buying drinks and tipping real well.

    2. You’re such a prick. I would love to see the look on your face if they built this next to your house in the suburbs. The look on your face would be priceless seeing a guy get dope sick all over your Mercedes . Dude stick with talking Sports and making bad pics. The last thing people from South Philly want to hear is a guy from Bristol who lives in the suburbs giving them speeches on morality and the opioid crisis. Your reality is skewered. Isn’t it nice being a liberal from a safe distance while you drink Scotch and smoke cigars with all your college and lame radio Buddies.

  10. I need her autograph immediately!!!! Yes girl yesssssss!!!! We can say so much more!!!! Its a sad and utter disgrace!

  11. The refinery is shutting down why not pick that place they can shoot up all the chemicals there.

  12. Should feed the junkies poison bagels and get rid of this problem. Only way to keep the neighborhoods safe

  13. More liberal fantasyland where the decisions are made in the neighborhoods that they don’t live in.

  14. I don’t understand why they would put this there instead of a place like southwest philly, where our sh|t goes.

  15. Well I’m glad am a republican and my house is up for sale I seen this coming just a hunch I had
    Jim Kenny and DA are nothing but two assholes we are moving to beautiful South Carolina were this kind of shit doesn’t happen
    Your day is coming Jim and larry

  16. Can only imagine all the broken car glass, needles & human p00p the parents and kids have to step over

    1. Most of these people in favor of this site have no ideal what will happen.Are they aware that inside this complex there are 16 other offices.Elwyn school )3 to 5 yr old special with special needs,day care center.ederly ctr.Penn med urgent care .I can only imagine when these parents drop their kids off,or people who have dr offices in there will be tripping over these addicts who are waiting to get into thie safehouse office.

  17. I thought the spot he did on the post game show was just like a weekend at bernie’s situation. Who would have thought?

  18. Why does Ray drive him home. Tell him to use a car service. He can afford it.

  19. if they want a spot to shoot up and a SAFE SPOT—use hahneneman hospital and maybe they can open it up as a rehab center where these people can go and at least try to get off this shit that they are now pushing on the local neighborhoods

  20. Simple reason why. Center City is filled with unsuspecting tourists during the weekend that give money to these people to buy drugs and alcohol. It’s not food. Many of them use to hangout in front of the wine and spirits store.

  21. This is the kind of shit that 50 years of Democratic Party corruption gets you. Wake up you sheep, vote them all out.


  23. Your example is weird. California is a beautiful place. You should travel some and not begrudgingly

  24. Have a safe injection site is like putting a drunk driving Kane on the highway! This is not the answer ! We need facilities that get these kids off of the drugs not help them do drugs ! You are an enabler and I 100%agree with this woman! Next they will try and put it in Northeast Philly ! This is an outrage ! They need to open more mental health facilities because a lot of these ppl suffer from that and turn to drugs ! Gov and Mayor you need to put a kabosh on this whole idea and go back to the drawing board and work on mental health homelessness and CURING the drug addicted not
    enabling them !!! You should be ashamed of yourself! Ppl that go to Livingrin that check in do not get alcohol or drugs to cure them ! You are exactly what she said sneaky !

  25. All of America.. every state.. build lock-down drug treatment facilities now! Give the addicts freedom from addiction not needle centers. Freedom from addiction. Give them lock-down drug treatment facilities in every state, DBT skills, 12 step narc anon and Celebrate recovery and job training. Not needle centers. Govenor Gavin Newsome of California build lock down drug treatment centers now for the 150,000 addicts dying on our streets. We agree with you Philly folks, keep fighting!

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