For a while, the gripe was that the Philadelphia Fusion didn’t play in Philadelphia, nor did they feature an American on their roster.

No longer.

Our boys open the 2020 season AT HOME this weekend, playing two matches at The Met on North Broad Street. They still don’t have an American on the squad, but that’s fine, it just means we have to become better at professional gaming in order to earn our place alongside studs like Carpe (South Korea), Poko (France), and Boombox (UK). We’ve been getting our ass kicked by Asia and Europe ever since Starcraft came out back in 1998.

Anyway, the weekend schedule looks like this:

Saturday, February 15

  • 4:00PM – Houston Outlaws vs. Florida Mayhem
  • 6:00PM – Philadelphia Fusion vs. Washington Justice

Sunday, February 16

  • 4:00PM – Houston Outlaws vs. Washington Justice
  • 6:00PM – Philadelphia Fusion vs. Florida Mayhem

The Fusion went to the Overwatch League finals as an underdog in season one, but lost. Last year, they went 24-16 to finish 6th overall.

All I know is that the Fusion better get it done at home this weekend. And if they don’t, we’re gonna send Howard Eskin out to practice to start asking hard questions and hold these guys accountable. Let’s get out and support our team. We need to create a hostile environment for Washington, Florida, and Houston. Need to get ’em rattled.

Here’s the new season hype video: