Today is the One-Year Anniversary of Bryce Harper Choosing the Phillies

Remember how excruciating last winter was?

Nonstop speculation and vague tweets from guys like Jon Heyman and Bob Nightengale. Reports and rumors out the wazoo. It seemed like this pursuit would drag on until the end of time, then the bomb was dropped with these words:

“Breaking: Bryce to the Phillies”

Today is the one-year anniversary of Harper’s decision to sign here, so enjoy this:

13 years, $330 million.

Of course the Phillies ended up being an utterly average baseball team last year, but this season we’re gonna be world champions… world fucking champions.

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13 Responses

  1. Are they better than the Braves? NO
    Are they better than the Nationals? NO
    Are they better than the Mets? NO, but the Mets are the Mets.
    3rd place finish no playoffs at best

        1. Sorry, pal. What type of illiterate moron listens to any sports talk radio? Someone with an IQ under 8

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