Today is the Two-Year Anniversary of the Philly Special

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

“You want Philly Philly?”

<brief pause>

“Yeah let’s do it.”

Two years ago today, ladies and gentlemen. Two years since the Eagles became world champions by dispatching Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Bob Kraft, and the cheating New England Patriots.

Watch this clip over and over again while procrastinating before work:

“They’re gonna snap it… and it’s Trey Burton, who throws – caught! Foles! Touchdown! How do ya figure!”

It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? You’d have to have cajones the size of beach balls to call something like that in the Super Bowl.

Doug Pederson and the Eagles have their ring. Andy Reid has his ring. What a great story. Now we can all die happy.


18 Responses

  1. McNabb would have put up much better numbers than Foles against the Patriots. And McNabb was much smarter than Foles too.

  2. The patriots won yet another super bowl, and Andy Reid also won one as well. Oh, and for a third thing, marshmallow head has played 8 minutes of a playoff game

    1. Yeah. But remember how heroic Wentz was when he pulled himself out of that game?

      Brings a tear to my eye to remember his bravery in deciding to leave work early.

      You forgot another thing that has happened, Nick Foles went to his third non-Eagle team and for a third time was exposed as the definition of a below average quarterback.

      1. Good lord! The above 4 write like 3rd graders.


        You can tell the dbags that grew up around here rooting for other teams. Angry, childish and slow.

        1. Amazing, but not shocking, that you have trouble with reading comprehension. Seems like you struggle to read above a 4th grade level. Again, this is not shocking.

          “Angry, childish and slow” for example, is not a sentence.

          “Go Birds!” which you undoubtedly end every e mail, text message and conversation you have in your stupid little life IS, however, a complete sentence. So, you have that going for you.

  3. And then…… the Patriots came back and won it the very next year. You’ll live off of this one moment for the rest of your life….And Carson Wentz still hasn’t won a playoff game.

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