“What a Joke!!” Says Jeremy Roenick of NBC Firing

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Jeremy Roenick has been canceled.

The former Flyer and nine-time NHL All-Star is out of a job with NBC.

You might recall back in December he went on Barstool’s Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, where he made comments about having a threesome with his wife and co-worker Kathryn Tappen. There was another portion of the podcast where he was asked about sleeping with ex-teammate Patrick Sharp.

All of that landed Roenick an indefinite suspension from his analyst gig, and this week he was let go by NBC and decided to respond with this statement on Twitter:


“I’m very disappointed and angry today. I will not be returning to NBC. And though disappointed, I’m also grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to share my love, my passion, and my knowledge of the game with millions of people, millions of fans. And for that I thank you. And even though I’m leaving NBC, I will not be gone for long.  I’ll be back better and more motivated to bring you the best entertainment and the best that I have for the game of hockey. I’ve seen all the support, I’ve read all the support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s overwhelming. And for that, I can’t wait to see you soon.”

Tappen wasn’t a fan of the comments at the time, saying this:

“While Jeremy and I continue to be good friends, what he said was unacceptable, especially among workplace colleagues. I do not condone his comments.”

Roenick came out later in January and apologized publicly in a similar video that was posted to his Twitter page, but was fired anyway.

My take:

It’s nonsensical, but not surprising, that Roenick would be removed after serving a suspension and apologizing for his comments and admitting that what he said was inappropriate. But that’s the world we’re living in now, one strike and you’re out, because the Twitter police come flying out of the woodwork and fire off emails to NBC explaining why everything is “problematic.”

If Tappen and Roenick “continue to be good friends,” then I hope she went to NBC executives behind the scenes and said “it’s all good, it’s water under the bridge, nobody needs to be fired.” Maybe NBC just felt like Tappen would be undercut or marginalized if they brought Roenick back, and felt like they didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Who knows?

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9 Responses

  1. Funny thing is no one was bitching about it when it came out because SJW’s don’t listen to Barstool podcasts. The episode was out a full week before he was suspended.

  2. A. Was it dumb to say? Yes
    B. Is it dumb to fire him? Yes
    C. This is likely the fallout of Matt Luaer at NBC in that they will now over-correct.

  3. So if Airport Johnny goes on Mike Miss show and says he wants to have a 3sum with the weather girl, do you think he gets fired?

  4. I’ve always been a fan of JR, but for him to make those comments about Tappen at all, much less publicly on a podcast is not only immoral but idiotic. What did he think was going to happen?

    He absolutely deserved to be fired for it. Was Kathryn Tappen really supposed to just carry on like nothing ever happened and resume working with JR after that?

    It’s a shame that he threw away both a friendship (although it now doesn’t seem like it was genuine on his part) and a successful media career.

    1. Chill bud, Obviously you didn’t listen to the podcast in question and therefore have no basis on these remarks. People love JR for the fact the he is brash and bold and will say whatever is on his mind. He never lost friends both tappen and Sharpe both said they are still good friends (obviously told to make remarks by NBC to save their jobs). And if you had listened to the podcast you would now that they were geniune friends as they were on a vacation together at the time. YOU are the reason this shit is happening, In the future Please keep your SJW crap to yourself.

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