WOJ: Ben Simmons to Miss Time, Not a Day-to-Day Injury

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Welp. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the Sixers, this happens:

This isn’t a day-to-day injury. Great. Swell. Glad the team opted to play Ben Simmons in a nationally-televised game, one in which he was reported to undergo treatment during breaks in his playing time.

The Sixers are 1.5 games behind Miami for the fourth seed in the East. They’ll need Joel Embiid to live up to his self-proclaimed billing as “The Best Player in the World” to avoid starting the postseason on the road.

Your thoughts?

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10 Responses

  1. it’s just part of the Process. When he’s healthy, since he’s a playoff liability anyway, just trade him and the other playoff disappearing acts, e.g. Embiid, Horford, Harris for a bunch of assets. Then tank for four more years and get more assets. This time, maybe we should tank five or six years. Or did we already do that? I lost count. But by the logic of the Process Dolts, this will lead to a championship team. Not a mediocre team that is destined to lose for the third straight year in the early part of the playoffs. No sir, that’s pre-Process stuff!

      1. I saw a Star Trek episode about this. Spock had a wicked goatee. Tell me, is this the same alternate universe that the Sixers also win the Championship this year, or is that a separate alternate-universe timeline?

  2. All Star Weekend 2019 Joel comesback from the break and same mysterious injury. Simmons was 100 percent healthy before the break. Shady team and organization to the fullest.

  3. if he sat out with a “mysterious injury”, everyone would have been all over him, so he tries to play against a great team, and you’re all over him

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