No sports?

What the hell are we supposed to talk about?

I saw some people grouse about this last night after the NBA season was suspended. We all need material to work with, whether we’re sports writers, radio hosts, podcasters, or lazy bloggers. A lack of action means the well is going to dry up, right? We’re screwed!

“Not so fast my friends,” as Lee Corso would say. I’m here to assist my colleagues with 25 recommendations to get us through this difficult time.

We can discuss:

  1. Carson Wentz vs. Nick Foles
  2. Mount Rushmore of Eagles players
  3. LeBron or Michael Jordan?
  4. why we don’t talk about hockey on radio
  5. is soccer communist?
  6. favorite cheesesteak
  7. can Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid co-exist?
  8. why doesn’t Brett Brown run more pick and roll?
  9. should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?
  10. is baseball a dying sport?
  11. is extended safety netting for millennial pussies?
  12. is this the Nick Pivetta breakout season?
  13. is Villanova a Philly school?
  14. how much do you hate the Dallas Cowboys
  15. player X didn’t hustle to first base
  16. is it appropriate to boo?
  17. my mock draft version 7.4
  18. talk about a wide receiver who might be a great draft pick for the Eagles (but nobody watched a single minute of him in college)
  19. player X was just waived – should the Eagles sign him?
  20. why won’t Ben Simmons shoot a three-pointer?
  21. re-litigating the Process
  22. Crossing Broad’s top 10 best and worst sports radio callers article
  23. top ten Bruce Springsteen songs
  24. are you cheering for Andy Reid to win another Super Bowl next year?
  25. Mount Rushmore of pandemics

Congratulations. I just gave you your material for the rest of the week and into next week. Send royalties to Fishtown.