Lock it down.

We’re going nowhere and doing nothing for the foreseeable future. No sports, no school, no concerts, but a lot of free time around the house and in our neighborhoods, so long as we practice appropriate social distancing and wash our hands.

If you’re at a loss and wondering what to do with your free time, I’ve compiled a list of 50 ideas that can hopefully help:

  1. talk to your spouse
  2. play with your children
  3. call your parents on the phone
  4. clean up around the house
  5. pick up trash in the neighborhood
  6. go outside and play sports with other people, throw a football, toss a baseball, etc
  7. take the dog to the park (dogs can’t get Coronavirus)
  8. exercise
  9. organize your email inbox
  10. gather unwanted clothes to donate to Goodwill or local thrift store
  11. read a book
  12. read CrossingBroad.com
  13. play a sports video game like Madden or FIFA
  14. listen to a podcast
  15. sweep your front porch
  16. ask neighbors how they’re doing and check on elderly folks in the area
  17. waste your time on the hellhole known as “Twitter”
  18. argue about politics on Facebook
  19. take an Instagram selfie
  20. record a TikTok video
  21. update your Linkedin profile and resume
  22. sleep
  23. shred old paperwork you don’t need
  24. meditate and/or do yoga moves
  25. play a musical instrument, draw a picture, or do something creative
  26. call 94 WIP or 97.5 the Fanatic and share a sports opinion
  27. watch old games on ESPN Classic
  28. argue with co workers on Slack
  29. compile a list
  30. do your taxes
  31. send story ideas to local writers (kevin@crossingbroad.com)
  32. look through those photo albums you told yourself you’d definitely look through and never have
  33. take all of the pictures and videos off your phone and put them on your laptop or desktop
  34. watch all those videos you filmed at concerts that you said you’d go back and watch only to realize the audio quality is terrible and you weren’t really that close
  35. Netflix, Hulu, etc
  36. plant a tree
  37. identify things to sell and put them up on Ebay or Craigslist
  38. volunteer your time
  39. cook dinner for the family
  40. get absolutely wasted
  41. answer your 10,000 unread text messages
  42. delete apps on your phone you aren’t using
  43. go through your bank statements and see where you can save money
  44. manscape
  45. watch old concerts on Youtube (starting with Live Aid 1985 in Philadelphia)
  46. go to the grocery store and buy all of the toilet paper, then hoard it
  47. play a board game
  48. Check out the online offerings of your library. Most offer free digital downloads of books, movies, comic books, etc.
  49. reinstall Diablo 2 and play with friends (I’ll be online later tonight)
  50. write shitty blog posts

I have given you 50 things to do. No excuses now. The world is yours.

*Craig, Coggin, Mike, and Phil contributed to this post