Adam Schefter Proposes “The Hanukkah of NFL Drafts,” Which is a Fantastic Idea

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter made a great point on 97.5 the Fanatic this morning.

With NFL offseason programs headed for cancellation because of the CORONAVIRUS, it could be a massive boon for the Eagles.

His thinking:

“I think everybody is operating now under the assumption that there’s not going to be an offseason program. And by the way, think about what an advantage that is to the Philadelphia Eagles right now. Dallas Cowboys? New coaching staff. New York Giants? New coaching staff. Washington Redskins? New coaching staff. Philadelphia Eagles? How long has Doug Pederson been in place? Five years now? It’s a big, big advantage for the Philadelphia Eagles. Let me just say this right now; they have to be the favorites to win the division because of what this offseason is doing, and the fact these teams can’t get together, can’t get on the field, can’t begin to implement and install their systems, and the Eagles have everything up and running.”

It’s a great point. Imagine being Ron Rivera, Mike McCarthy, or Joe Judge coming into a new situation where you wanna hit the ground running, but you can’t, because we’re all stuck in our houses.

Schefty later dropped a FANTASTIC idea that I support 100%, saying this:

I’ve begun to campaign for this idea and continue to campaign for this idea, but in a year where there’s no other sports, where there’s no rush to get these teams out of the war rooms and onto the field for rookie minicamps, why not have one round of the draft every day, for seven straight days?

While you are having teams in their apartments, their homes, teleconferencing in, so that when they’re on the clock, they may be in their homes drafting, something like that, it’s complex. Teams may need more time on the clock to execute trades when there’s big deals going on, so why not give every team more time on the clock? Why not make the first day the first round, the second day the second round, the third day the third round, so on and so forth? Go seven straight nights, sort of like the Hanukkah of NFL drafts.

Yep. Perfect. I love it. What the fuck else are we gonna do anyway? We need to milk this thing as long as possible while we’re all self-isolating and practicing social distance.

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16 Responses

    1. Compare it to when is on with Golic and Wingo. Talking to Fartzy you can totally hear in his voice it’s the last thing he wants to do.

    2. Would you want to talk to Farzetta? The guy breaks into Dave Coulier impressions at every turn. He knows less than nothing about anything. Everything he says comes from posts on reddit.

  1. Funny, a highly educated man doesn’t know why Israel wasn’t developed prior to 1950….

    Lol… that’s some education buddy.

    1. Triggered ^^^^
      Maybe it’s because that’s when America started dumping money into it like Niagara Falls?!?!?
      But I bet your take home EBITDA is doing great.

      1. Hahaha!!!! I would say no. The real reason is …. ready???

        That’s when intelligent, capable people moved there.

  2. I have a better idea….have the draft and then when it’s over, send out a list of who everyone drafted…..

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